wheatgrass drink that tastes nice..

Broccoli / Apple / wheatgrass / Aloe Vera juice (flavoured with cranberry) blended with water ... = ....a really good healthy drink actually o.0

anyone got any other ideas?


  • Kayden1986
    Kayden1986 Posts: 189 Member
    wow, that bad huh? XD
  • RobTheGourmet
    RobTheGourmet Posts: 189 Member
    I like it mixed with fresh un-strained apple juice or pineapple :)

    I am not much of a juicer since I don't own a juicer :X but I have added it in a blender with carrot, un-strained apple tasted good

    I never had aloe vera juice
  • Nishi2013
    Nishi2013 Posts: 210 Member
    I add it yo carrot juice