Guilt free alcohol?



  • lynn1982
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    Back when I was 19 and counting calories, I remember drinking gin and tonics because someone told me that they were lower in calories. Not sure if there's actually any truth to that - just remember that it's obviously easier to save calories with the mixer rather than the alcohol. (Now my drink of choice is usually red wine or a dark beer - I prefer to drink what I actually enjoy and then just work it off at the gym.)
  • wareagle8706
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    vodka tonic with lemon is my go to
  • spade117
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    Not familiar with this *guilt* that you speak of.
  • nyboer
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    My go-to is a gin martini! Lots of bang for the calories!:drinker:

    It's like we were separated at birth.
  • wareagle8706
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    I'm going to buy some crystal light, can anyone recommend a good flavour? The peach tea looks nice :)

    that's my favorite flavor of it. some of them you can taste the zero cal sweetener in. I rarely ever drink it anymore, drank it a lot as a kid.
  • lady6starlight
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    Diet coke and rum is my go-to while dieting. However, if I know I'm going to be dancing all night, I'll get something with a few more calories. ;]
  • Rage_Phish
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    Vodka and water (or soda) has been my go to drink for the last couple of months. Russian Standard is good enough for me :D

    I generally would do Grey Goose. If I'm just mixing it with water, I've gotta use the good stuff!
    Can I buy this online? Sounds awesome :)

    Probably. It's good because you can order a vodka & water, and bring the little packets with you to the bar to add to your drinks.

    just be aware that adding mysterious powders to drinks in a bar might raise some eyebrows
  • NicoleMensigg
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    Vodka and water with a lemon and/or lime. Good vodka, though, it doesn't work with the cheap stuff.
    Skinny Girl Cucumber Vodka, water and slices of cucumber or lime!
  • DashDeV
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    It doesn't matter what kind, just the amount. Make sure it's just the right amount to get blackout. That way you have no recollection therefor no guilt.
  • Shelley6591
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    My drink of choice is Raspberry Absolut Vodka and Sprite Zero, sometimes I even throw the vodka in a blender with watermelon, yum!
  • crose0056
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    I got a lot of info on this board. It was recommended that the good stuff has a lot less calories. Three is a site called get drunk not fat that gives you the brands along with calorie amounts per oz.
  • sabified
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    You can find low cal drink options. Someone mentioned vodka diluted with water and lemon... you could also try Skinny Girl drinks (I see them in a cocktail/mixed drinks section). Seagrams has 80 cal drinks as well though I haven't tried them to know how they are.

    Frankly it's the sugar in alcohol that gets me :| I see how much it is and just don't want to drink anymore, lol
  • WestCoastJo82
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    Yuk, I wouldn't spoil my alcohol with sugar-free low-cal anything!

    I much prefer to savour the flavour, and exercise to cover the calories I plan to drink :-)

    Yep, this. Drink what you like, just plan for it.
  • TheBitSlinger
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    I drink until I stop seeing and hearing things.
  • saxmaniac
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    My go-to is a gin martini! Lots of bang for the calories!:drinker:

    It's like we were separated at birth.

  • yaseyuku
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    Wine, sparkling wine, and champagne are my favourites.

    Vodka/gin shots if I want hard liquor but usually I drink for the taste.
  • DRJ311
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    Try Skinny girl cocktails. They are all low cal and pretty good...Otherwise, I agree with all the Vodka votes, lol. Plain water is kinda gross, so I would try seltzer-Polar seltzer is 0 cal, and they have yummy flavors. I like Polar seltzer in Buttercream and Vodka on ice. SO GOOD!!
  • pinkledoodledoo
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    All alcohol is guilt-free if you drink enough of it! :laugh:

    But seriously... any unflavored hard alcohol (rum, tequila, vodka, etc.) mixed with a diet soda is going to run you ~70 calories... mix with juice and you can probably count on another 30-50 calories on top of that.
  • mrsburghart
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    I really like the flavored vodka mixed with water. Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka is only 66 calories/ounce and mixes GREAT with water. Tastes just like sweet iced tea. The UV vodkas mixed with sprite zero are pretty good, too.