Weight Loss Challenge for August! (OPEN)



  • Joprin8
    Joprin8 Posts: 1 Member
    Thank god ~ I need some motivation

    SW 189
    Goal 185
    Personnal challenge - get out and walk everyday and do more gardening so those fresh veggies keep coming
  • samilamb12
    samilamb12 Posts: 1 Member
    Your starting weight for August : 238
    Your personal goal for August :228
    Your personal self-challenge for August : Bring lunch to work! Stop skipping breakfast and being a fatty come noon. Juice more often. Get back on track!

  • mbfowler87
    mbfowler87 Posts: 22 Member
    A couple days late but...

    Starting weight for August 137.2
    Personal Goal for August 132.2
    Personal self-challenge: start running and lifting again--I have been out of it for a few weeks now, I am sure this will affect my weight as I may gain with lifting but we will see :)
  • Starting weight for August: 150
    Personal Goal for August: 144
    Personal self-challenge: Work out at least 4 times a week and get ready for 5k mud/obstacle run in September
  • sw32606
    sw32606 Posts: 3
    Starting Weight 219.6
    Personal Goal for August 214.0

    Personal challenge - to lose 5lbs, gain more muscle and be consistent with my trainer through out the week. On my days without my trainer, use the work outs she gives me to do at home. Food, food, food minor changes and not to overwhelm myself with all of these lifestyle changes.
  • Your starting weight for August : 181
    Your personal goal for August :171
    Your personal self-challenge for August : work on lower sugar in-take to target daily sugar goal and start running outside once or twice a week.

    Thanks for starting this challenge motivation group. Good luck to all!

    Weigh in dates:
  • Starting weight for August: 170.6 LBS
    Goal weight for August: 166 LBS
    Personal self-challenge for August: Stop the late-night snacks, and(unrelated to fitness) learn how to loosely speak Sindarin(language of the elves in Lord of the Rings) for geek boyfriend for our 5 month anniversary. I love him. XD
  • kalieah
    kalieah Posts: 143 Member
    I know this is a reaaallly big goal, but i have faith in myself and i KNOW that i can do it.

    Current weight: 167
    Goal weight: 158


    Self goal: stop with the bad eating and snacking pointlessly
  • Refisblind
    Refisblind Posts: 77 Member
    I would like to get in on this. Looks like a nice group to keep each other going.

    SW = 275
    GW = 265

    Personal goal is to get off soda. Get in at least 3 sessions of at least an hour workouts each week.

    Good luck to everyone
  • Fit2BeFly
    Fit2BeFly Posts: 185 Member
    Thanks for starting the group.

    Starting weight for August: 224
    Personal goal for August: 218
    personal self-challenge for August: Hit the gym 4 times a week; cutout soda's, watch sugar intake.
  • seilidhe
    seilidhe Posts: 1,042 Member
    Me too!

    Starting weight - 210
    Goal for August - 200 (199.9 would be fab)
    Personal challenge - drink more water.
  • vale_m624
    vale_m624 Posts: 33 Member
    So happy to have found this group! August is the month to KILL it!

    - Current weight: 121.2
    - Goal weight: 115
    - Personal goal: Start a different fitness program, I think my muscles are really getting used to the one I've been doing for 2 months now! & add weights.

    Good luck to all!
  • dharden1219
    dharden1219 Posts: 3 Member
    MY SW FOR AUGUST: 194.6


  • motiroti
    motiroti Posts: 8 Member
    I'm in too, annoyingly I put on 2kg in 2 months, whilst I feeling a bit slack and lacking focus. So welcome august ;)

    For energy and time to lighten up a little and a bit of a detox generally. (One step at a time, lemon in water every day x)

    Currently about; 80.1
    End of Aug: 77kg
    Aim to get to 75Kg by Oct and try to keep it around that for winter...

    Exercise - Swim x 2 weekly
    Yoga - x 2 weekly
    Walk an hour x 4 weekly
  • fitlancastermommy4
    fitlancastermommy4 Posts: 13 Member
    SW: 213.6 AUGUST 2, 2013
    GOAL: 200
  • sirtxt
    sirtxt Posts: 39
    Hello All,

    I am on board with the August challenge.

    Your starting weight for August: 279
    Your personal goal for August: 275
    Your personal self-challenge for August : 1) Walk 2.5 miles a day and 2) Log all food intake with MFP daily

    Dallas, Tx
  • Yvie1950
    Yvie1950 Posts: 8 Member
    Your starting weight for August 191.5
    Your personal goal for August Too lose 5 lbs
    Your personal self-challenge for August Cycle 40 minutes every night after dinner

    63 and working on reversing prediabetes. Started at 200.5 3 weeks ago.... slow but steady is my goal ;0):smile:
  • icecreamdreams
    icecreamdreams Posts: 17 Member
    I am definitely in need of a challenge group. More so, I'm tired of venting frustration and talking about my journey with people who are not all that interested.

    SW as of 08/01: 228.8
    Goal for Aug: 210
    Self-Challenge: Gym 3 times / week

    I know 18lbs seems like a lot for a month - but I just started and typically have high drops during the first month I start watching what I eat and start hitting the gym. A couple years ago I hit over 20 lbs my first month. I want to set my goal higher so I am not reaching a low ball goal the first couple of weeks and then slack off. If I make it, I make it. If I don't - I'm still losing, so I don't care much. Guess it's all going to depend on how my body reacts to the "good foods" and not sitting around watching TV every day after work.

    Good luck to everyone who's joined. If anyone would like to add me as a friend, feel free to do so. I love having people I can share my story with, listen to theirs, and not feel like this is a struggle.
  • kristen12125
    kristen12125 Posts: 1 Member
    I wanna join :) Hopefully I'll stick to this.

    Starting weight - 177.0
    Goal for Aug: 167.0
    Self-Challenge: 30 Day Yoga Challenge & Cardio atleast 2x a week!

    Good luck to everyone and myself ;) See you all in a week?
  • apeyton13
    apeyton13 Posts: 4 Member
    I'm in!

    Starting Weight- 249
    Goal Weight (9/1)- 240
    Challenge- Walk EVERY DAY!