Busy Mum in Auckland Back to Try Again

Well Hi all

I am Jo I live in Auckland in New Zealand, I work full time in a high stress environment and I have two children nearly 7 & nearly 14. I have a partner but thats a bit complicated and just as stressful as work at times lol !! (One of those thats a bit like another child, never wants to grow up)

I get a walk with the dog most days but she is only 7 months and not very well behaved on a lead yet so thats more frustrating than fulfilling as exercise so I now have a commercial treadmill in my lounge, I am aiming for 30 mins on that per day at the moment but not berating myself if I dont get there. I travel a bit for work between Auckland and Wellington so it makes it very hard.

I have been reading a great book by dr Libby Weaver - accidentally over weight. Which is great as I am learning all about how my system should be working and possible reasons why its not working so trying to introduce a new habbit every two weeks from that. This week it was lemon for digestion to boost that each day, and Milk Thistle and Rhodeola to work on Adrenal Fatigue and Stress.

2004 I had a Gastric Bypass that was very successful and I lost 43.5 kg of which I have put 20 back on (possibly more) due to a whole raft of reasons.

Anyway thats me I am back again to try to shed the weight again via lifestyle changes and adjustements and system understanding (my body).

Good luck to you all



  • johnelwell
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    Hi Jo

    I joined MFp a few months ago and also formed a small group called my fitness-our fitness, I have been interested in exercise and eating correctly for most of my life. I have done my research the same as you and have become so interested in it that i have started a nutritionists course so I can help others. Please feel free to add me and join the group if you wish.
  • bubblygoldfish
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    Welcome back and good luck! Just devote time for yourself: be that walking without the dog or whatever. Carving time for yourself to calm down might also help with the stress. Add me if you want motivation (I seem to be on here every day)!