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What's a good 10k time?

jackieh5077jackieh5077 Member Posts: 19 Member Posts: 19
I am currently running 10k in about 1hr 20 mins (at around 5am before work). I'm aware this is slow and want to work on my time before I have a few 'official' runs coming up in October. Can you guys let me know how fast you do it/what you think is a good time so it can give me an idea of a good target.


  • Thomasm198Thomasm198 Member Posts: 3,293 Member Member Posts: 3,293 Member
    I am currently running 10k in about 1hr 20 mins (at around 5am before work). I'm aware this is slow and want to work on my time before I have a few 'official' runs coming up in October. Can you guys let me know how fast you do it/what you think is a good time so it can give me an idea of a good target.
    A good time is whatever time you can finish it in.

    My first 10K last year, I did it in 1:22:00. I still haven't gotten under 1 hour.
  • jojojo909090jojojo909090 Member Posts: 262 Member Member Posts: 262 Member
    I did my first 10km on Saturday - 1 hour 9 mins.
  • TxracyTxracy Member Posts: 78 Member Posts: 78
    My goal is to run 10K in less than an hour. I can do it... barely. For me, I think that's a "good time", but some faster, more seasoned runners might consider that barely a workout! It's just going to be kind of subjective depending on fitness level, experience, etc.

    Generally, for official races, as long as my finish time is my personal best to date, I feel awesome. Because I know I ran faster than I ever did before. There is just something about it, beating your own personal record, so that is my goal. As long as I know I'm improving!

    You could also look up the "average finish time" for the race you're doing, and set THAT as your goal (that's what I did for my first 5K... I just wanted to be slightly faster than "average"! As long as I beat 34 minutes, I was good!)
  • infamousdrew76infamousdrew76 Member Posts: 176 Member Member Posts: 176 Member
    There is no "good" 10K time!

    What is your goal? What are you trying to accomplish?

    Answer those questions, then set your goals accordingly!

    I run a 10K in just under an hour, and many people would find this slow! I don't care because I hate running, and I just do it for my job!

    Set a realistic goal, and adjust your training accordingly!
  • Frankii_xFrankii_x Member Posts: 239 Member Posts: 239
    It completely depends on your age, how long you've been running etc.

    My PB is at 59:03 but last week I ran a 1:04:21 - I've been suffering with an injury and it was very hot!

    So totally depends on your circumstances. You're doing great though, just keep going and your speed will come eventually :smile:
  • pinkraynedropjackipinkraynedropjacki Member Posts: 3,103 Member Member Posts: 3,103 Member
    50min flat for me.
  • Faery_DustFaery_Dust Member Posts: 246 Member Member Posts: 246 Member
    Lol, I can't even run 5k so I think you are doing awesome :) My first goal is to run a non stop 5k. I did it last year and then kind of gave up. Just work on trying to shave a tiny bit off of your time each run, even just 10 seconds and it will eventually add up.
  • george_sweetengeorge_sweeten Member Posts: 16 Member Posts: 16
    It all depends on your age and weight as to whats a good time, I'd say that as long as you complete it at a reasonable pace without stopping then then that's all that matters, Saying that I think people generally complete it in about an hour, my PB is 52 minutes though :)
  • SwindonJoggerSwindonJogger Member Posts: 323 Member Member Posts: 323 Member
    For serious runners a sub 40min is considered a good 10k time. Obviously age, genetics,weight, dedication etc play their part.
    Decent club runners will be in the low 30's.
    I am running around 44 mins so have a way to go yet.
    Any 10k time is a good time in my opinion.
  • missdaisy79missdaisy79 Member Posts: 566 Member Member Posts: 566 Member
    I agree with the comments that have already been made. My current 10k PB is 66 minutes, and I know I can beat that on a flat route, but any result is still a result!
  • ingies2011ingies2011 Member Posts: 127 Member Member Posts: 127 Member
    A good time is one where you have given it your 100%. In your race you'll find you'll be able to go faster then you normally run, all that adrenalin and other runners really push you to go harder and faster
  • maryjaquissmaryjaquiss Member Posts: 307 Member Member Posts: 307 Member
    My next goal is sub-50 minutes - my PB is 53 minutes but that was with quite a bit of walking (set off too fast), so I believe I can do it. I ran my first race in 1hr6 and my next three were 59, 56 then 53. For me, "good" went down from "finish", to "run the whole way round", to "beat my PB". Take it a goal at a time :smile:
  • timeasterdaytimeasterday Member Posts: 1,368 Member Member Posts: 1,368 Member
    I think anything under an hour is pretty darn good. I ran my first last month and finished in 50:40. Really wanted to be sub-50 but with thousands of runners in front of me I didn't get off to a fast start.
  • melaniecheeksmelaniecheeks Member Posts: 6,506 Member Member Posts: 6,506 Member
    Did my first one last year in 1 hr 13. Ran that one again this year in 1hr 03, and was really pleased with teh improvement. I do a 5k Park Run every Saturday, and am now fairly consistently getting those in under 30 minutes, so my next target is to run 10k in under an hour.

    What's a good 10k time? Faster than you did it last time.
  • emilyc_1987emilyc_1987 Member Posts: 62 Member Member Posts: 62 Member
    it's hard to say what is a good time.
    my best time is 50:03 but I was running everyday then.
    I've not been running for a year-due to injury and work commitments and there's no way I could run 10k in 50 mins right now.

    it's not about comparing yourself to others, it's about pushing yourself and improving on your times.

    aim to get to the hour mark, that way you have something to swing toward, but honestly just completing 10k should be motivation enough!

    keep up the good work!
  • RebekahR84RebekahR84 Member Posts: 794 Member Member Posts: 794 Member
  • RunnerElizabethRunnerElizabeth Member Posts: 1,124 Member Member Posts: 1,124 Member
    I think the idea is to run your race the best you can. My times vary, but some days I finish a race knowing that there is no way I would have been even a few seconds faster that day because I gave it my all. I've only run 1 10k (I perfer half marathons). It was 88degrees and I ran 1:01:27. I do faster Iin training, but I gave it everything that day so I was pleased.
  • madmickiemadmickie Member Posts: 221 Member Member Posts: 221 Member
    Check out 'age-grading' - it shows your time as a % of the world's best time for your sex/age. Regular recreational runners are probably in the 45 -65% range, club runners up to maybe 80% , atfer that you are probably at the sharp end of local/regional competition. OVer 90% and your probably international standard or your watch stopped!!
  • JenMc14JenMc14 Member Posts: 2,390 Member Member Posts: 2,390 Member
    I did my first 10K a couple of weekends ago. My time was 1:12:37. I was pretty damn happy, especially considering my left knee done left me around the 4.5 mile mark! If you finish, your time is good. That's honestly my opinion. 10K is no walk in the park, and finishing it is impressive. If you want to improve your time (something I've not really been able to accomplish yet), Do some sprint work in one of your runs as well as adding mileage to one of your runs. I think both those things can help to improve time.
  • jackieh5077jackieh5077 Member Posts: 19 Member Posts: 19
    Thank you so much for your feedback guys! I've have set myself the challenge of completing the 2 10k races I have coming up in October in under an hour (even if it's 59:59.... it WILL be under the hour!!).

    As well as my usual road jobs I am going to make use of the treadmill to get some sprints in and hopefully the combination will increase my speed.

    My current pace used to push my heart rate up to abut 189-195 and nowadays its more 155-160... so there should be plenty more room to push harder. I've been concentrating on pushing the distance and it meant i competely forgot about the pace.
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