What's a good 10k time?



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  • maegmez
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    I agree, a good time is your time.

    I started running in January and have done several 10k 's. my best time is 56 mins! I run because I love running! I love seeing how fast I can go and challenging myself.

    Just have a good time!
  • To get under an hour what worked for me is just doing more miles per week. I very rarely do any speedwork / intervals. I split up between doing 10k at about a 5.5 / 6 minute kilometer (i.e. around an hour for a 10k), slower longer runs (10 - 20 miles @ 6+ min / km) and slightly faster shorter runs (5-5.5 min/km for around 5-6km). That seems to work OK. My very first race was a year ago, and I did 10k in 1 hour and 3 minutes. This weekend I did the same race in 45:28, so that training plan seems to have worked out. I started out running three times a week, now it's nearly every day.
    Like most things, the more time you devote to it, the better you will get. It depends on your priorities I guess. One thing that I found enormously helpful was joining a running club. Most places have them, and will love beginners - some even have special beginners training sessions. You also get a nice feeling of being part of something, and there are generally cheaper race events for clubs etc.
  • Thanks for all your feedback guys! i have sponateously signed up for a half-marathon in 6 (training) weeks time... so I will temporarily be taking my focus away from speed and focussing more on distance (certainly for the longer runs)... but I dare say, pushing more distance and more frequently will also increase my speed
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    I ran my first 10k in May and my time was 1:09:58.
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    A good time is the one you finished in.

    Personally, I ran an ~43 min 10K.
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    beginner- under an hour

    intermediate- under 50

    advance- under 42
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    I think you're doing just fine. I'm at about an hour and two minutes. Not bad for 250 lbs, no? :)
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    beginner- under an hour

    intermediate- under 50

    advance- under 42

    How about a 51yo 200lb beginner? I plan to participate in my first 10K in April 2014. At this point, with 5 months to train, my goal is a 80min (13min/mile pace) run.

    What about other novices? How was your first time?
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    My first was 1:13. I ran the same race last year in 1:03. I'd love to run it next year in under an hour.

    Set your own target.
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    I'm a 5 km runner and have yet to run a 10 km race (I always joke that I'm built for speed, not endurance. Haha!) but I plan to next year. However, I have ran 10 kms before and finished around 55 minutes, so my goal is a sub 55 minute finish, which would put me in the middle of the pack for female runners my age (30-39 age group).
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    My personal best was 1:19..not too bad. :)
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    I have run a 10k in 45 minutes but that was years ago when I was a prince.

    Don't compare your time to others it will only make you feel insecure!!

    Just focus on yourself improving.
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    Don't compare your time to others it will only make you feel insecure!!

    Alternately, if you're going to compare, compare to *everyone* - if you can run a 10k at all, you're already 99th percentile (at least in north america).
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    A "good" time is very personal. For me a good time for a 10k would be to run it in 55 minutes as it usually take me 58. Each person is in a different place.

    A good goal would be to try and shave off a few minutes with each run. :-)
  • It will also depend on the course and the weather.

    I recently ran a 10 km, in the dark (well... we had moonlight, and a headlamp), a few hours after rain (so the ground was very very soft, and my runners quickly became mud cased bricks), up a mountain (often too steep to walk, and we were hoisting ourselves up using tree branches)... all while darting in and out between walkers and slower runners.

    Took me 1hr 39m. I came 70th out of 270 runners.

    It's all relative!
  • 51 minutes for me. It was raining and freezing we ran up some large hills and through mud the entire time.
  • Actually there are two groups of runners begginers/hobby and advanced/racing

    Depends how long you running and what is your body constitution. If we will talk about average person with average body:
    Female: Arround 1:05 good, Arround 0:55-58 very good, under 0:55 excelent
    Male: Under 0:58 good, Arround 0:52 very good, under 0:49 excelent

    Female: 0:52 good, 0:46: very good, under 0:42 excelent
    Male: 0:49 good, 0:42-0:43 very good, 39 under excelent

    Male: Under 0:39 good, 0:34-0:35 very good, under 0:32 excelent

    Ive made this list from top of my head so its not exact but dont be discouraged by these time ! As you can see excelent hobby runner is still very slow advanced runner etc. but progress in hobby/advanced could be really fast. Keep running and once you get correct form of running (check youtube for running drills) and enough miles (15-20 miles per week) you should add interval running which is from my experience key for good time on 10k. There are many info about interval trainings on internet so check it out :)

    Also most important part of your running experience should be fun so keep it in my mind!

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    What's a bad 10k time then?
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    I am currently running 10k in about 1hr 20 mins (at around 5am before work). I'm aware this is slow and want to work on my time before I have a few 'official' runs coming up in October. Can you guys let me know how fast you do it/what you think is a good time so it can give me an idea of a good target.

    30 minutes is a good time.