151 lbs lost and 1 year on MFP!



  • speediejane
    speediejane Posts: 496 Member

    Those are all wonderful tips and such an inspiration!
  • thegongshow
    thegongshow Posts: 26 Member
    Thank you so much for sharing! Amazing advice and congratulations on the healthy new you!
  • Iamworthit45
    That is sooo amazing!! You never gave up and you look great. I will use your tips for sure!!!!:smile:
  • RoyBeck
    RoyBeck Posts: 947 Member
    You are the man!

    Great post, great tips and well done. Added too.
  • jennifersmiles444
    jennifersmiles444 Posts: 118 Member
    You look awesome! Congratulations on your amazing success, and thanks for your inspiring words of wisdom.
  • svanzinha
    svanzinha Posts: 23 Member
    Thank you for sharing! You look (and obviously feel) fantastic and that was some sound, really good advice.
  • pinkbananashoes
    Wow, what an inspiration! You should be really proud of far you've come. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. Harri
  • Melei
    Melei Posts: 4 Member
    Inspirational and great advice, thank you :)
  • rjcelmer
    rjcelmer Posts: 431 Member
    Proud to be your MFPal. You are amazing!
  • Potty28
    Potty28 Posts: 6 Member
    Wow you are such an inspiration. Amazing loss and congratuations!!
    Thanks for you're tips aswell I shall bear them in mind whilst I continue my journey. :-)
  • RaeRum82
    RaeRum82 Posts: 22 Member
    Awesome Job! And very good tips for all those out there who constantly struggle!
  • Fairymo
    Fairymo Posts: 13 Member
    A great inspirational and motivational story, thank you for sharing :smile:
  • Gerald_King
    Gerald_King Posts: 2,031 Member
    Awesome well done
  • melanieconvey
    melanieconvey Posts: 8 Member
    Congratulations! Amazing, inspirational post - thank you xx
  • skinnymalinkyscot
    skinnymalinkyscot Posts: 174 Member
    Congratulations on losing so much weight through such determination and enduring to the end. You should be so proud of yourself, very inspirational to see how much weight you have lost, well done.
  • Fattackler2013
    Fattackler2013 Posts: 142 Member
    You're an inspiration and you have provided us with a lot of helpful tips/advice. I hope that one day that I can share my story and feel as proud as myself as you must be. You look great. Keep it up :)
  • BonnieandClyde29
    BonnieandClyde29 Posts: 1,026 Member
    Great job on your success!!!! You look fantastic!!!
  • monartlady
    Love your tips. So much common sense and practical tips. A lot of people look for quick success and secret formulas, they don't exist. It takes hard work, determination and guts. Well done. And I wish you well on your maintenance going forward.
  • Gianna44
    Gianna44 Posts: 124
    Congratulations on your success! You look and seem to feel fantastic. Thank you for sharing your story and insight - your post is a "keeper". Well done!
  • louisemallas
    louisemallas Posts: 59 Member
    Fantastic! You look great and are such an inspiration!
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