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rachelwilliams93rachelwilliams93 Member Posts: 30 Member Member Posts: 30 Member
hello everyone, need some help, I have reached my goal weight :D very happy, I have been on 1200 calories (silly I know) I should have increased my calories closer to my weight but I have a holiday coming up and am happy with my weight now. my question is how much weight should I expect to gain from upping calories, I have increased them by 150 this week and so far so good but I know its too early to tell. my calories are 1700 so should I just see how I go with increasing them weekly? I wont be able to log next week on holiday so wont have a clue how many calories are in what but maybe that's a good thing to let my body have more calories than 1200


  • kae_blahkae_blah Member Posts: 192 Member Posts: 192
    I had a recent 1 week holiday. I decided the holiday should involve some sensible food choices (poached eggs on toast with teas rather than pancakes and a hot chocolate for breakfast, limiting snacks and calorie-loaded drinks outside of main meals, etc) and lots of walking under the guise of site-seeing and shopping.

    When I returned from my holiday I had gained 2 kgs but it was gone in a couple of weeks under my maintenance routine.

    On the other hand, if the stress of weight fluctuations will mess with you holiday you may want to plan a more detailed approach.
  • rachelwilliams93rachelwilliams93 Member Posts: 30 Member Member Posts: 30 Member
    I do expect some gain so I'm not too worried, I am planning on walking in the nights as well, work out as much as I can, I am 1 pound down from my g.w, I would love to stay at 113 but would be happy another 5Ibs up, going up calories slowly am I likely to gain weight? I know after holiday I will be eating about 1350 and doing exercise so I can really see how much I can eat, I was eating 1200 but I couldn't do it anymore was too hungry
  • kae_blahkae_blah Member Posts: 192 Member Posts: 192
    Life is about balance goals (and other things). What is the goal of your holiday? Relaxation? Spending time with family? Attending an event?

    Consider the impact of calorie counting on the goal of the holiday.

    Remember when you move to maintenance long term you will be on more then 1200 - 1350 calories.

    Oh - one thing that helped me was 6:1 fasting. My holiday started on a Wednesday so I only had 500 calories on the Monday so I have a deficit 'banked' for the holiday.
  • toutmonpossibletoutmonpossible Member Posts: 1,617 Member Member Posts: 1,617 Member
    I would enjoy my vacation, eating basically what I wanted, but I would not go overboard on high-calorie food. Think:: "Nothing tastes as good as being healthy and looking trim in my vacation clothes."

    I would weigh myself every couple of days to see what my weight was doing. I would also try to get in some kind of healthy activity, or better yet, a workout most days.

    As for maintenance, you'll determine your needs through trial and error. You'll see what your weight and body fat percentage are doing in response to your eating and activity level. 1200 was not a mistake: it got you to your goal weight. Bear in mind that the reason people gain back the weight has nothing to do with a 1200 calorie max while on a diet, it 's because they revert to their earlier habits. If you want to maintain your weight, you'll never be able to eat the way you did before your diet.
  • gracieallen45gracieallen45 Member Posts: 2 Member Posts: 2
    I have been maintaining my weight by doing some exercises and yoga. You can follow these really helps to maintain weight but not sure to loss weight.
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