Less than 10 feet from my desk is...



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    My last job was like that - ALWAYS some kind of crappy food somewhere, or leftover food in the break room from a lunch that was ordered in for meetings, etc. Some people there had a weird thing about free food, they felt like they HAD to have it. It took me a while but eventually I got into the habit of not partaking. I don't need something just because it's there. Now I work in an office where everyone eats healthy. I feel lucky because that really helps my "environmental control".
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    Most people who work in offices have to deal with this kind of situation. I am not too tempted by most of what is brought in to my office, but if there is something that I really want I will usually eat it. If it's small it's not a big deal. If I'm really worried about it I will log it before I eat it and see how I can adjust my day to work it in, or if it will put me a little over which is not a problem occasionally, or if it is totally going to blow out my calories and macros and is really just not worth it.
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    find another place for it, then pick it up and move it there

    eta: you are absolutely gorgeous, don't let those horrible things get you off track!
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    Drug reps are the bane of my existence at this job. QUIT BRINGING FATTENING GOODIES. :[
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    My tricks:

    1) I use extremely high standards when evaluating stuff like this. Stale store-bought junk, eww. Artificial colors and flavors and high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils, no thank you.

    2) If it's high quality but shows up frequently, I would probably just think, eh, maybe next time.

    3) High quality stuff that is truly rare and exceptional in some way, I might fit a little into my day. I might take a piece and put it in my desk for later. Who knows when later might be, it might actually be never, but it's there if I want it, no feelings of deprivation necessary.

    Another trick is to learn how to not see certain types of food. It takes a while to develop this skill, but if you can learn to not see that table it will not tempt you. It's just junk that other people didn't want, it is not for you. These are not the sweets you are looking for...

    I think to a certain extent something primal gets involved when we run across a stash of free food, but it is possible to override our instincts and habits with training.

    Make sure you have enough "real" food during the day so that actual feelings of hunger do not complicate the mental process (for me, protein/fat and low-density veggies are much more satisfying than empty carbs, which I could eat by the bucket and still want more).
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    every single goddam day in varying quantities and types. It's driving me insane.
    this is my life at work haha!
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    Think of it this way: everything there is packaged. To get it, you would have to open the packages. That's a lot of work for a little snack. Be lazy
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    I work in a very large primary school and people always bring in treats for birthdays, eid, diwali etc. There always seems to be something. I have had bariatric surgery and everyone at school has known and supported me through the whole process over 2 years. Another colleague is on a strict diet so she can lose 5 stone for an op. The treats still appear but everyone now also brings in a healthy option and usually fills our fruit bowl.

    For my birthday I bought ice lollies and frozen yoghurt and ice cream. Just have a general chat about having a healthy option and you could be surprised how many people would appreciate it.
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    I broke down and had a quarter of a crispy creme.
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    Are you near the kitchen or something? Can those items possibly be moved to the general break/kitchen area?

    My concern would be bugs/ants....maybe you can say you've seen a "friend" or two (bugs) loitering amongst the treats and suggest they move that stuff (also think about ants crawling on that stuff after everyone has gone home may help)

    i can see having to deal with it on a limited basis....passing it while getting water or eating in the break room, etc...but having it 10 feet away makes it more difficult....good luck and i hope you find a solution....let us know what happened!
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    Cookies and cakes, I can exhibit the patience of Job.

    Chips? Snyder pretzel pieces? Not so much.
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    uh huh....I recognise the temptation...it's the reason I think are so many over weight midwives/nurses in this world!!
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    Ouch Girl. I would move my desk. lol
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    Take good care of yourself and tell the office manager nicely that the pile needs to be moved. Psychological factors are HUGE in snacking and it is not about your will power. I like being proactive and good to myself. You deserve a junk free work environment!
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    Tell everyone that you suffer from food addiction and that it's not helpfull.

    You would not sit a alchoholic next to a free bar and expect them to be fine would you?
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    In addition to the other suggestions, how about bringing an appropriately ice chest or a drawer to store/hide it in, then if someone wants something they can get it out of the ice chest but it's 'OUT OF YOUR SIGHT'!!

    It might not SOLVE the problem, but it might HELP!
    Out of sight, out of mind. At least, it would not be sitting there STARING at you, saying "EAT ME, EAT ME!"
  • I know the feeling dear. About two weeks before my dad passed away I attempted starting back on my diet after a minor surgery BUT after he passed away the house was instantly filled with cakes, soda's, and all the goodies thinkable. I literally started giving food away because I couldn't stand for them to be in my view 24/7. . .and I knew this was the only way to keep myself from over indulging.

    Stay strong & God bless ya sweetheart!
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    I work in an office type setting which also has people bringing in junk all the time. I bring a half serving of extra dark chocolate (80% or more) with me in my lunch every day. It really hits the sweet spot, usually around 105-130 calories depending on the brand, and that way I know I can eat my own quality sweet treat without having to feel like crap afterwards. Fruit just doesn't switch off the "SWEETS" switch in my brain like dark chocolate does.
  • Oooh this sounds like a great idea. Is there an alternative to dark chocolate, im not a big fan?
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    Absolutely do not throw it away. It is food that someone brought in with good intentions for others to enjoy, not only would that hurt their feelings but it is forcing your decisions of health on everyone you work with. Its stinks that it has to be there tempting you, but think about it as a test of strength. You are strong enough to turn it down, you don't NEED sweets, and maybe after you start losing weight you will inspire others in your office to believe that they don't need them either.

    If you like cooking, try bringing in a healthy snack to set on the table. If the people at your work don't like it, more for you. If they do like it then maybe others will start bringing in healthier options and you might discover others in your office that are trying to focus on their health and you just never knew because they never walked past your desk to get a snack.

    I personally like savory food, but if sweets are your weakness and you can't regularly fit them in your macros, try having one treat a week. If you have exercised and eaten within your macros all week there's nothing wrong with rewarding yourself. Knowing that you are working hard and have something to look forward to at the end of the week will help reduce the temptation on all the other days.

    Good luck, be strong!