Diet change leads to more gas, stomach issues?

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I've tried to "clean" up my diet on my own journey, and I've noticed that days where I tend to slip into my old tendencies, I get more excessive bloating, gas and diarrhea than prior to the lifestyle change.

I've been going on 3+ months, and it seems more and more that as I have more processed, fast food (I travel a bit for work and have to often times settle for quick versus healthy), I get the symptoms more and the symptoms are becoming more severe.

Wanting to see if there are others that are going through the same things. FYI, I am 5'10, 241 lbs (started at 263), and diary is open in case people want to peruse. I am not diagnosed with lactose-intolerance, but I certainly have reactions when I have excessive dairy like ice cream, fro yo, etc.



  • rybo
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    I experience this.
    Back in the day I ate anything & everything. I ate some "healthy" things but I ate a lot of processed junk. I was strong, healthy & fine, but to put it mildly my digestive system was a complete and total wreck. Just horrible. Slowly I started eating whole, real foods with just the occasional "bad" item. My digestive health is amazing now. No issues at all. I will know it though when I put too much processed junk in my body at once. The longer I go the less a single "blip" makes a difference, but if I were to go a weekend of not eating the way I am now used rears up a lot more.
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    3 things: Lactose, Gluten, or Soy. Could be one or all three. Or something else but with those symptoms are the main culprits and you might want to look into eliminating each one until you find the source. It doesn't have to be an intolerance, it could just be a sensitivity.
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    If I make a significant dietary change (e.g. low-high fiber, meat-vegan, vegan-meat, etc), it's usually accompanied by a brief period of digestive discomfort.
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    I've been having the same problem for months now! I had thought it was gluten, but now I think it's dairy. I'd been consuming dairy since I was a kid, although I was diagnosed with a milk allergy as a baby, so I didn't think it would affect anything. I thought three servings of dairy was good for me and I wanted to increase my protein intake, so I had a lot of skim milk in my morning coffee, a yogurt (usually Greek) as a snack, and frozen yogurt as an alternative to ice cream, candy or sweets for dessert.

    I would look closely at the dietary changes you've made in an attempt to be healthier and try to assess where there could be problems.
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    I've had a good experience with this:

    Not gone, but reduced alot. And the same thing happens, although i'm 1 year into things i still occasionally go for the simpler option of fast food and it comes back to bite me every time. The above has helped with the issues of more protein in my diet considerably so it might work for you for this issue as well

    Hope it helps.