Brooks Sneakers

anyone use them? What's your opinion on them if you do? I just bought a pair and waiting for them to come in. I did alot of research on them. They are good for people with flat feet and plantar faciitis. I hope they work cause working out has been very hard because my feet are bad, bad, bad.

Thank you


  • ThickMcRunFast
    ThickMcRunFast Posts: 22,511 Member
    I love mine, I started years ago in the Adrenaline and am now in the Pure Cadence

    But running shoes are a very person-specific thing, don't feel bad if you hate them.
  • dbmata
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    I used to run in the Brooks Beasts, gave me ridiculously bad plantar fasciitis and knee problems.

    Switched to vibram five fingers, and it cleared up the problems, then recently switched back to Brooks "Pure Grit", which are marketed as minimalist, but are anything but. I've not taken them past 4.5 miles at a go, but they're comfortable. I think any more heel rise though and I'd have some problems.
  • jasonmallow
    jasonmallow Posts: 1 Member
    Switched to Brooks Ravenna 4 in May after having some knee pain in my Asics Cumulus. No more knee pain with a lot more mileage going on.
  • tammycolbert
    tammycolbert Posts: 236 Member
    These are Brooks Women's Trance 10. I hope to have good luck with them.
  • ItsAKindofMagic
    ItsAKindofMagic Posts: 15 Member
    I walked several hundred miles in my last pair of Brooks...i highly recommend them!
  • stephenszymanski
    stephenszymanski Posts: 114 Member
    I got a pair of Brooks Ravenna's, and didn't like them. It's all about personal preference though. I love my Mizuno Wave Inspires and have gotten the newest edition every year.
  • ze_hombre
    ze_hombre Posts: 377 Member
    I am on my second pair of Pure Cadence shoes. Nothing says you like a product better than repeat buys. However, these are minimalist style so they won't compare well to the Trance. My father ran in Brooks for years (starting in the late 80's) and swore by them.
  • MinnieInMaine
    MinnieInMaine Posts: 6,400 Member
    I'm on my 2nd pair of Brooks Adrenaline and really like them.
  • silverinc13
    silverinc13 Posts: 216 Member
    I looove my Brooks Glycerines! On my 4th pair now, the 11's. Love them!
  • Nishi2013
    Nishi2013 Posts: 210 Member
    I have Brooks Glycerin. They are awesome for running outdoors and HIIT Runs on treadmill. Really absorb shocks well. They are terrible for spinning. Too heavy and create a drag.
  • asp415
    asp415 Posts: 1,492 Member
    I have PF & used Asics Nimbus 14 w/my own insert until my luggage didn’t make it back from vacation w/me & I purchased a backup pair of running shoes. The Brooks Ravenna 4 also w/my own insert. The brooks have surpassed the Asics as my favorite running shoe. The Asics are great, but they are narrower than the Brooks, so for me the Brooks are a more comfortable shoe to run in.

    As a side note. The Asics Nimbus 14 & the Brooks Ravenna 4 are the only ones that don't aggravate my PF & allow me to run. If I run in less supportive shoes I am in pain & gimpy for a week plus.
  • MoreBean13
    MoreBean13 Posts: 8,701 Member
    I love mine, I started years ago in the Adrenaline and am now in the Pure Cadence

    But running shoes are a very person-specific thing, don't feel bad if you hate them.

    This exactly. Same shoes even! Except I started at Ariel, then Adrenaline, now Pure Cadence.

    Make sure you get fitted, I :heart: Brooks because they fit ME so well, but there are several really good brands, and your gait/foot might be better in an Asics or a New Balance. Go to a running store and let them fit you.
  • rmgatch
    rmgatch Posts: 38
    Switched from Asics to Brooks Ravenna 3 at the start of the year because of experiencing some knee pain. This change has been very positive. I no longer experience any knee pain. I have actually bought a couple more pairs of the Ravenna 3 since they were on sale because of the close out model. These shoes are so comfortable that I can wear them right out of the box with no break in period needed.