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Hello Again...

Shelleo71Shelleo71 Member Posts: 38 Member Member Posts: 38 Member
Good morning everyone! Back again.......feeling more confident in my quest to stay on track. I'm down 10lbs so far!! That is not counting the one sneaky little pound that crept back on over the weekend! LOL....I'm OK with that though, in previous attempts that 1 would have been more.

My goals this time are to try and track every day and watch the carbs. CARBS are my weakness!!!

Would love any words of encouragement, advise, sharing of your story anything. =)




  • askeatesaskeates Member Posts: 1,686 Member Member Posts: 1,686 Member
    Hi Shelly! My name is April... Happy to have you on board :drinker:

    I have recently discovered I'm gluten intollerant, so I would love to be friends to share support/tips/tricks. Friend request sent!
  • trrich1974trrich1974 Member Posts: 12 Member Posts: 12
    Hi to both of you good luck on your journeys feel free to add me I am a returning mfp x
  • Shelleo71Shelleo71 Member Posts: 38 Member Member Posts: 38 Member
    Hello! Yesterday got away from me and didn't get a chance to post on here as I wanted to. My carbs were high mom came into town and took me for lunch. While I chose some delicious fare (crab, mango avocado stack and match sticks - shrimp skewers of sorts) there were carbs in them.

    Then......our currently living situation doesn't allow me much say in the dinner time fare, unless I want to be rude! I've been doing better with cutting down on my portions. My mother-in-law cooks dinner every night, NOT complaining at all, which is why I will not be all " I can't eat that because...." about it. =)

    So --- morning and day is when I need to focus hard and watch the carbs. Sipping on some coffee and about ready to fix me a couple eggs. I've purchased some Atkins frozen lunches --- they are really tasty!

    The upcoming weekend will be a challenge --- mainly due to the adult beverage in take but ---- I'll keep a watch on it and make sure to counter with as much water as possible. =)
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