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SlimagainshellySlimagainshelly Member Posts: 14 Member Member Posts: 14 Member
I am new to the whole MFP thing, and I love this website. I have only been on here a week and I am already addicted to adding my food (and drink) and exercise information in. I have found that if I add my planned exercise such as walking my dogs for 45 mins that I more likely to do that rather than for say 30 mins instead,.

However my problem is that i seem to have put weight on this week. I have made sure that I am under my calorie intake except for yesterday which was my hubby's birthday so I had a bit of a fat day but I seemed to have gained a pound since Monday.
A pound I hear you cry but that's a pound in two full days, clearing this is not what i want the scales to be telling me so I am trying to nip it in the bud before the hubby's birthday bbq this week.

Any suggestions on where I am going wrong would be fab

Thank you for taking the time to read this (and replying) x


  • tbrain1989tbrain1989 Member Posts: 280 Member Member Posts: 280 Member
    1 litre of water weighs 2.2lbs,

    if your weight doesnt flucutate that much every couple of days then your not drinking enough,

    just to put your mind at ease , i was 103kg when i went too sleep last night, then 99kg when i woke up, thats a change of 8lbs just in my sleep,

    by all means weigh yourself every day or couple of days if it keep you on track,

    but look at the trend over a month, anything could cause a couple of pounds in a couple of days, it only take 150 grams of crabs to reatin 1lb of water :)

    hope this puts your mind at ease and good luck with your journey
  • tarotloutarotlou Member Posts: 47 Member Posts: 47
    I found that sometimes your body has to get used to a new regime, but make sure you have put in every thing correctly, such as lifestyle, mine is sedentary basically for work I walk to the back of the garden to a studio, sit down and pick the phone up. Eat most of your exercise calories back as mfp puts you in a deficit of calories just to maintain your lifestyle and lose weight. I found that if I don't eat most my exercise cals I don't lose, someone explained that this is cause your body will go into a mode where it will store as much as it can because it will think hang on here what's happening I'm not getting enough food. Most of all drink water.
    My diary is open and you will see the most unhealthy food and I still lose weight so don't use my diary as an example lol. Good luck on your new lifestyle change :smile:
  • SlimagainshellySlimagainshelly Member Posts: 14 Member Member Posts: 14 Member
    Thank you this is very helpful :smile:

    I would normally weigh myself on a Monday morning with some of the girls from work, so I think that i will stick to doing that.

    Is drinking water the key then? I drink an awful lot of hot water rather than cold.
  • SlimagainshellySlimagainshelly Member Posts: 14 Member Member Posts: 14 Member
    Thank you so much for this. It is very helpful.

    I havent changed what I eat as I have been on slimimg world previously and although I havent been following it to the rule I definatly eat more healthier than I ever have done.

    I am definatly going to work on my water intake.
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