protein shake recommendation

bushokie Posts: 180 Member
Post workout protein shake. Any recommendations


  • FrankiesSaysRelax
    FrankiesSaysRelax Posts: 403 Member
    I use protein powder, greek yogurt and 2% milk and then sometimes fruit if the greek yogurt is vanilla flavored. It is usually around 400 calories and 40-45 ish grams of protein.
  • kevinpruitt
    kevinpruitt Posts: 50 Member
    Cellucor whey...25g protein, 130 calories, 1g suger per scoop. Taste good enough to mix and drink with plain ole water
  • GetSoda
    GetSoda Posts: 1,267 Member
  • twinsmom03
    twinsmom03 Posts: 90 Member
    I enjoy MuscleTech 100% ulra pure WHey Isolate (rich chocolate)

    It has 30 g of protein and 9 g carbs with 160 calories....I use it with water and most of the time will add ice and make into a thick shake by putting it is the blender.
  • Jennloella
    Jennloella Posts: 2,287 Member
    i like the complete nutrition line. If you don't have one near you they wills hip for free, just call a store and they will send you samples too!
  • m00tmike
    m00tmike Posts: 248 Member

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  • I love love love 1st Phorm Level 1, any flavor.

    This is the only protein I have tried that I can drink with just water and it not gag me. Right now my favorite flavor is the ice cream sandwich but the chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry are equally amazing.

    Because I am in St. Louis I get them cheap at Supplement Superstore. 1st Phorm is manufactured here and SS has a deal with them to sell it at cost verses retail even though it is available at other places. Because of the taste and the quality I will still pay the full price that I will have to when I buy it from their website when I move back to Chicago.
  • m00tmike
    m00tmike Posts: 248 Member
    I just grabbed my first protein powder last night. Muscle Milk. Only 16g protein/ 150 cal per scoop. But it was cheap and I just wanted to give it a test run.
  • billsica
    billsica Posts: 4,742 Member
  • Jaxper
    Jaxper Posts: 23 Member
    Here's my recent favorite:

    16 oz unsweetened almond milk
    1/2 cup cottage cheese
    4 scoops choc whey
    half a banana
    2 tbsp natural PB
    4 tbsp of flax seed - I sometimes add this if I'm looking for some extra omegas for the day

    2 servings total - 518 cals, 20g fats, 37g carbs, and 54g protein per serving with the flax seed
    - 448 cals, 15g fats, 32g carbs, and 51g protein per serving w/o the flax
  • bushokie
    bushokie Posts: 180 Member
  • Moneyinthejar
    Moneyinthejar Posts: 11 Member
    Arbonne protein shakes all the way. You won't regret it! They have Chocolate & Vanilla. I drink mine with a scoop of each and cold water, but you can mix it with what ever you want. There's no whey in them, which some people have a hard time digesting. They are made with pea and cranberry protein. Awesome, awesome, awesome!
  • andrealeighx33
    andrealeighx33 Posts: 82 Member
    I use Optimum Gold Standard Whey (I have both Double Rich Chocolate and Delicious Strawberry). Sometimes I'll just mix it with water but often times I'll blend it with 1 cup silk unsweetened almond milk and 1 frozen banana.. It tastes like a milk shake! Plus it has a good balance of carbs and protein.
  • bushokie
    bushokie Posts: 180 Member
  • MelMoly
    MelMoly Posts: 1,312 Member
    I use Shakeology.. now.. before I used Trader joe's and herbilife 24 (to much sugar IMO and lots of unwanted ingredients)...its hard to find NON GMO and good ingredients :)
  • I like premier protien
  • siyah
    siyah Posts: 8
    I've tried a few horrible ones....using optimum nutrition double rich chocolate now I mix with one cup of unsweetened plain soy milk and some cold water.It tastes delicious imo.
  • randomtai
    randomtai Posts: 9,003 Member
    Definitely Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard. Any flavor is good.
  • bushokie
    bushokie Posts: 180 Member
  • CoachChrisD
    CoachChrisD Posts: 207 Member
    I use result and recovery from beachbody for post workout and Energy and Endurance for pre workout
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