A question for runners....



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    I don't run in the rain becuase I hate running going out in the rain. If it start raining on a run I will finish the run. One option is if you livwe in town with hockey rinks, many of them have running tracks around them you can run around year round. Its a great option in the summer.
  • dgage8
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    my advice, though more general than the question is: you will find a zillion excuses not to run. Rain, snow, hunger, exhaustion- push past all of them. it builds confidence when you learn you can run in anything, under any circumstance.
  • eaglefish
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    I run a fair amount.

    Never get sick from running in the rain. In fact I like it. Keeps me cooler. I sweat a lot running anyway so getting wet isn't any deal at all. The only thing I don't like is the heavy wet shoes.

    If it's cold you might want to get a breathable shell. I use one in the fall & winter. Picked it up off ebay for a super cheep price.
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    I love running in the rain. Makes me feel like an unmitigated badass.
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    Definitely run in bad weather (except for severe storms of course) but dress appropriately. If you stayed inside every time it was rainy or cold, you'd never progress as a runner (unless you have a treadmill).

    Plus, rain is lovely for those long runs!

    This post says it perfectly! My favorite running conditions... in the snow :)
  • eaglefish
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    I will run in a decent rain. Make sure that you are visible to others if it is kind of gray outside, and invest in a lightweight water-resistant jacket. I shopped around and found a sort of windbreaker at Old Navy last fall that actually worked pretty well. Not as good as the really technical stuff, but worked okay and a fraction of the price.

    One thing I do to make sure my shoes don't get too wet is that I duct tape over the cloth parts. I know it sounds funny, but it can *really* help. You might still get a little damp if it's a pretty good rain, but it works wonders in a light rain or sprinkle and fends off blisters. Let me see if I can find a pic...


    I did that for a run when we expected light rain. I bought patterned tape to match the colors of my shoes. hehe All the women in my running group do it!

    Another excellent use for duct tape! Thanks for the idea. I'll throw a roll in my bag. Heavy wet shoes is my least favorite thing about rain running. I'll have to give your suggestion a try next time.
  • I just tried running in the rain last week. And I love it! Well, unless the city that you live in is pretty polluted that it causes acidic rain, otherwise just enjoy the rain.
  • dragonfly__
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    As long as there is no lightening I will run in the rain.. stuff newspapers in your shoes after to help them dry out.
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    I run in the rain. In fact, there were days that I was purposefully going out when I thought it would rain when I was training for my fist half marathon since there was a strong chance it would be rainy on the day of the race.
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    This is my outfit for running in the rain.

  • rschiltzschiltz
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    Cold and rainy?? Not good, especially for beginners. Running in the rain but not cold rain can actually be fun. To like being a runner means you have to feel good about it --- and running in the cold and rain isn't going to make you feel good about it. (Unless you are training for marathons and have exceptional motivation.) If you do run in the rain (cold or other) just make sure you are using the right clothing i.e. NO COTTON. I've run in 10 marathons and a total of 8,192 miles starting on May 20, 2000 (yes, actually -- ok so I'm a little weird for keeping track of every little mile -- you should see my spreadsheet!!!) and I never ran in cold rain unless I had to in order to start or finish a race.
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    I dont mine the light rain but if it is very heavy I hate running with wet feet. I got cought in a sleet storm once, nothing like running in ICY Rain in mid November. And I was not the only one there were a couple other ppl out there. I dont mind the cold until the wind chill starts hitting the 20 degree and under mark, the cooler weather is actually refreshing. Mid to lower 30s are great even upper 20s.
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    I checked the weather in your area and saw it was in the 60's. That's not cold; in fact I would relish some cooler temps like that. The rule of thumb is dress for weather about 20* warmer than ambient; you will heat up during the run.

    If you are a runner, youre gonna get caught in the rain, and down here rain gear is too damn muggy & hot. Avoid wearing cotton as it weighs a ton when wet and will chafe. I wear dry wick shirts as they dont weigh as much when soaked and doesnt seem to chafe.

    Also carry a zip lock sandwich bag to protect your electronics when caught out. (some ladies carry wet wipes in a zip lock bag for when their...uh... mascara , yeah, for when their mascara streaks in the rain They run behind the bushes and...uh... :bigsmile: )

    BTW most runners when given the opportunity will intentionally run through lawn sprinklers!
  • Doodlewhopper
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    This is my outfit for running in the rain.


    I bet you are one lonely runner! LOL
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    I love running in the rain. I'll run in the ran as long as there is not thunder and lighting. I feel like I can run farther because I din't really get as sweaty and hot.
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    Running in the rain infinitely preferable. I find it far easier as a beginner.
  • ksun10
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    running in the rain is my favorite
  • CarsonRuns
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    Weather doesn't cause illness, bacteria and viruses do. Dress in clothes appropriate for the weather so you don't get hypothermic and enjoy your run!


    The only weather event that keeps me inside is ice on the roads. Even then, if I can get to a trail, I'll go outside. My goal for 2013 is to run zero miles on the treadmill. So far, so good.
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    I love running in the rain.
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    Weather doesn't cause illness, bacteria and viruses do. Dress in clothes appropriate for the weather so you don't get hypothermic and enjoy your run!


    The only weather event that keeps me inside is ice on the roads.

    ^^^both of these. Doesn't matter what the temperature is, nor the type of precipitation, aside from truly freezing rain that is making the roads an ice sheet. Dress appropriately and get out there and run!