whats going on with my stomach?

about two months ago i changed the way i eat. i cut out processed foods, breads, pastas, potatoes, rice and increased dramatically my fruit and veggie intake. i would make a smoothie (spinach, fruit, protein powder, etc) for breakfast and lunch using a nutribullet and making the large sized one.

in the last few weeks something has gone on. i cant drink a whole one, maybe 1/3 so i started making smaller sized ones. i cant finish that size either. i seem to not be able to eat what i would consider a full regular sized meal without feeling quite sick to my stomach. terrible stomach cramps, a nauseous feeling, and feeling like i might need to dash to the bathroom!

it's not JUST with the smoothies so I know its not an ingredient issue, its anything. salad, scrambled eggs, veggies, fruit, whatever. i seem to be able to manage about 1- 1.5 cups of food.

I am assuming that with reducing my portions and changing the kinds of foods i eat perhaps my stomach has shrunk? does that actually happen? is 1- 1.5 cups of food. too small? ive tried the last couple days a more grazing approach and that was ok, but i took a smoothie with me in the car this morning though, drank more of it then i had intended and felt sick and had to come home from running errands.

any thoughts?


  • corgicake
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    Forget normal. Overweight and obese (at least in the US) are statistically normal. Eating like a normal person will get you normal results. Don't worry about your stomach un-stretching itself (yes, this is normal - ask any competitive eater) and get some tasty rubbish off someone's so-called "kids" menu if you're worried about sheer calorie intake - if anyone gives you flack tell them you're ordering the sixties' adult sized meal.
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    I would take probiotics for a while and see if it helps. As corgicake says, a typical serving is 8 oz., so perhaps you should stick with that for the time being?

    I really believe the probiotics help. Sometimes if I get stressed my digestive system acts up, too, a big difference from when I was 22. I also eat a banana which also seems to help.

    Are you using dairy? Is there a chance you might be lactose intolerant?
  • LorienCoffeeBean
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    thanks for the replies. i dont mean "normal" as in average, i mean normal for me...which wasnt large portions to begin with.

    i am tracking my calories and food intake on here and am eating between 1200-1500 calories a day.

    ive never been lactose intolerant. i dont drink milk - i just dont like it - i eat yogurt (and put it in my smoothies) and cheeses.
    i will try probiotics, it cant hurt.

    im only concerned because if im feeling sick, im doing something wrong to my body. plus its debilitating cramping. i cant spend half my day needing to lay down and rest.
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    I think you need to see a doctor. That sounds like what happens to me when I get gastritis.

    If you've changed your diet dramatically, you might have inflamed your insides.
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    Also if you weren't use to eating raw foods, your system may be inflamed.
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    Could be IBS, gastritis, an ulcer... a lot of things could cause those symptoms. Look them up on the Mayo clinic website to see if they sound familiar.

    Could be food interance. Fructose intolerance causes a lot of those symptoms after eating most fruits and some vegetables, or anything with high fructose corn syrup.

    It's not your stomach stretching and shrinking due to portion size. Either its a small stomach issue that will resolve itself, or could be something that needs medical attention. I had many of the symptoms you mentioned above, it turned out I had chronic gastritis, fructose intolerance, and post-infectious gastric IBS. Sigh....
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    A stomach is one size, it doesn't shrink after not eating big meals for a while. It exists at it's regular size, then it will expand if you fill with extra food, and then it goes back to it's regular size after the food has emptied out. Whatever base size it was before you changed the way you eat, that's the same base size it is now.

    I'd say head to a doctor. Any changes in how your body functions, especially such extreme ones that are causing you discomfort, are signs that you need to have a doctor check you out.
  • LorienCoffeeBean
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    A stomach is one size, it doesn't shrink after not eating big meals for a while. It exists at it's regular size, then it will expand if you fill with extra food, and then it goes back to it's regular size after the food has emptied out. Whatever base size it was before you changed the way you eat, that's the same base size it is now.

    thanks. i really wasnt sure. a lot of people say it does shrink.
  • LorienCoffeeBean
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    Thank you for the responses. anyone else??

    i booked a dr's appointment for tomorrow afternoon
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    Lactose intolerance could be causing these issues(all of them). Yogurt has lactose in it. Try cutting out all milk products for a week or so...if that doesn't help see your doctor.
  • LorienCoffeeBean
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    saw the dr this afternoon and had a great chat. he confirmed my plan is perfectly fine regarding the exercise im doing, my caloric intake, and the foods i have cut out, and those i have increased.
    he said that while my symptoms are not pleasant they arent alarm bells to something more serious either. he suspects it is IBS rearing its head again and that it really needs no rhyme or reason. I asked about probiotics and he said they cant hurt but may not help either. he suggested i take out some of the main things im consuming for a week and see what happens with my stomach.
    i am suspicious of the protein powder now as i made a smoothie without it this morning and was ok after drinking it so i am going to cut that out for a week and see what happens. if it clears up im going to look for a different protein powder. if it continues im going to cut out spinach as im eating an extremely large amount of it. I have developed sudden raw food allergies before (carrots, celery, avocado, peas) as an adult so it is possible i guess.
    He also confirmed that it is quite likely that my stomach has shrunk and that the small portion sizes are ok since im making sure i get all my calories in.

    so thats that i guess.
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    It's very common when you make a rapid jump from processed and refined food diet to an all natural veggie and fruit diet to experience stomach cramps, bloating and abdominal pain. Doctors and nutritionists recommend a transition as your digestive track adjusts. Cramping usually begins around 4 days after a fast switch and may continue for a few weeks depending on how much processed foods you ate. Since you've already made the jump, I wouldn't recommend re-incorporating processed foods into your diet because playing mind tricks on yourself can cause hurdles you don't need. Just hang in there and the cramping and gastrointestinal issues you might be experiencing will subside. Also, it is normal for your stomach to shrink back to what is it's appropriate size. You may have maintained a stretched stomach for a while, so eating to your digestive proportions can seem strange at first.
  • jayjay12345654321
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    Sorry, I just saw your response about the doctor. :) Glad everything is OK!