What's your food weakness?



  • jkdarby
    jkdarby Posts: 53 Member
    Taco pizza!
  • RaggedyPond
    RaggedyPond Posts: 1,487 Member
    Ice cream, specifically Smarties or black cherry.

    They are my arch-enemies.

    They make smarties ice cream?! I love Smarties. We buy imported boxed of them because the US does not sell them. Japan has them and they are called Marble Candy. So good but very high calorie!
  • hailzp
    hailzp Posts: 903 Member
    Bread!!!! I don't eat it anymore because it just makes me go crazy! Chocolate, baked goos like donuts, cakes etc, icecream. Chips, crisps, cakes again! Anything with sugar and carbs. Love it! But it doesn't love me.
  • kmash32
    kmash32 Posts: 275 Member
    Baked goods like squares, cupcakes and cookies
  • tlspratley
    tlspratley Posts: 24 Member
    Pizza and martinis!
  • kfavulous
    kfavulous Posts: 106 Member

    *sigh* my nemesis
  • herblackwings39
    herblackwings39 Posts: 3,926 Member
    I really like home made chex party mix with rye crisps and nuts. I still eat it, but I eat way too much of it when I do. I'd honestly rather have it than a meal when I've got a batch in the house.
  • VeggieKidMandy
    VeggieKidMandy Posts: 575 Member
    im from buffalo, gotta love those chicken wings!
  • ihammen
    ihammen Posts: 55 Member
    guacamole, red lobster, coldstone creamery, carrot cake
  • jen_zz
    jen_zz Posts: 1,011 Member
    Bread, bloody bread.

    Also anything savoury and crunchy.. so chips chips chips!
  • abble_pie
    abble_pie Posts: 144 Member
    Peanut Butter! (with a spoon)
  • Red Robin Bacon Cheeseburger, Bottomless Steak Fries w/ ranch dipping sauce. :sad:
  • rgrange
    rgrange Posts: 236 Member
  • Zombriana
    Zombriana Posts: 764 Member
    cold, left over kraft macaroni n cheese
  • missy2492
    missy2492 Posts: 54 Member
    Mine is cookie dough for sure.

    "Culver's" (it's a restaurant) chocolate concrete malts

  • missy2492
    missy2492 Posts: 54 Member
    Try living in Wisconsin! We love our cheese. YUM - to bad it's full of fat tho
  • Nijm
    Nijm Posts: 7 Member
    OMG...I love it all! But I would have to say my absolute weakness are ice cream and baked goodies.
  • Blitz_40
    Blitz_40 Posts: 110 Member
    Anything fried. Pretty much anything.....
    And gravy. If you put gravy on it, I'll eat it!!!
  • wendyrap2
    wendyrap2 Posts: 40 Member
    comida china y chocolates!!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm deliciosos!!!! a vino rosado!!! hasta se me hizo agua la boca!!:)
  • Carbs: pretzels (especially soft pretzels), tortilla chips, crackers, and bread. Sometimes chocolate.