Hard boiled eggs are not created equal?

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I have tried Wawa hard boiled eggs, Egglands Best hard boiled eggs, and usually I am not lazy and make my own. Wawa is consistently dry, but there is the usual "egg" taste. Egglands Best are always good and moist, and but they seem to lack any taste. For home cooked hard boiled eggs, I have found that Organic brown eggs or Organic white eggs taste the same and the best, and non-organic eggs don't really have as much of a taste...basically same taste as Wawa. Has anyone experienced this?


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    You can buy hard boiled eggs already cooked? :laugh: :laugh:
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    I like Pete and Gerry's the best. However, I think their distribution is limited among New England states, maybe Mid-Atlantic region. I usually buy Trader Joe's organic eggs, and occasionally Eggland. The best eggs I ever ate were while I was staying on a farm. Can't get any fresher than that.

    I wonder if the cases they are shelved in at the grocers effects their flavor, or the grain/seed that the hens are fed.
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    Why would you buy pre-boiled eggs? It's not a hard home cooking project...

    I cannot imagine that it's anything more than differences in freshness. The fresher the eggs, the better they taste.
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    I buy my eggs at a local farm. The idea of buying hard boiled eggs 'in a bag' grosses me out to no end. :-)
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    What a cultural difference (I guess). You can only get pre-boiled eggs here around easter (usually pre-colored too, and the color leaks inside, yummy, pink eggs!). A boiled egg is prepared so quickly and easily (even I can do it), why buy pre-boiled?
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    ha ha ha.........I want to tell you, if they make eggs that are easy to peel , please let me know

    I end up messing them all up, I try and try to peel them, but end up losing about half the white from them ..........too funny

    to the day I die, I just cant peel an egg.........glad to know they can be bought already peeled..........
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    I don't like them pre-boiled. I bought some for the ease of having them ready @ work whenever I wanted one. The taste & texture were a turnoff. I stick with making them at home & keeping them in the fridge at work.
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    I buy farm eggs from my boss. They are excellent. I was raised on farm eggs. They aren't pasteurized and I even use them raw to make my paleo mayo. I'm not scared. And the taste is amazing. I hate store eggs. They have no flavor. the yolk is pale, and runny. The farm eggs have super dark yolks, and tons of flavor.

    When I did have to buy store eggs for a short time, the best ones I found other than the Farm raised organic 5.00 a dozen eggs, were egglands best.
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    Pre-boiled eggs?? Really?? I never heard of that... but ya it's not hard to boil your own eggs. I do mine on Sunday night so they're ready for me to grab one each day before heading to work. Use that as my protein in my breakfast along with my ISO shake...

    As for making them easier to peel - I've found you have to make sure they're FULLY cooked and cooled... thus why I do them Sunday night.

    I've never really researched the 'difference' between eggs to be honest.. I just pick up a carton of large eggs at my local grocer.
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    I feel ya, OP, sometimes mid-morning when I'm hungry and need some kind of snack at work, I'll buy a couple of hard-boiled eggs because they cost like $1 for 2 of them and it's a good, filling snack option. But they are so over-cooked at the cafeteria, it's really a shame.

    I think the biggest difference in "good" or "bad" hard-boiled eggs is cook time. When I make them at home I like the middle to stay pretty soft. I've discovered that it works pretty well if I put a few eggs in a pot of cold water, put it on the stove on high heat and leave it alone for 15 minutes. When the timer goes off, I run the eggs under cold water and that's it. They're easy to peel and the middle is soft.

    I've heard that the fresher the eggs, the harder they are to peel, but I haven't confirmed it.
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    How to easily peel hard boiled eggs: when they're about a minute from being boiled, give them a sharp enough tap with a metal spoon to break the shell. The boiling water should get in under the shell. When cooked, run the egg briefly under a cold tap to bring down the surface temperature & just whip off that shell. If you can peel it using the film just under the shell but before the white it should come off in a few pieces & with little effort.
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    OMG...can't believe you can buy pre-boiled eggs =D
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    thank you Kino

    I ve tried and tried to peel eggs, and get so frustrated, that I end up losing about half the egg.....it looks pretty pathetic when I finish

    Ill give it a try

    I did read somewhere, that if eggs sit fora few days after purchase, they will peel better? Dont know, but I will try your way..thank you
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    I am lucky enough to have an egg farm locally(not certified organic). Their eggs are the best, probably because they are the freshest.
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    thank you Kino

    I ve tried and tried to peel eggs, and get so frustrated, that I end up losing about half the egg.....it looks pretty pathetic when I finish

    Ill give it a try

    I did read somewhere, that if eggs sit fora few days after purchase, they will peel better? Dont know, but I will try your way..thank you

    I have heard a teaspoon of baking soda helps....have not tried it though......
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    A lot of times, pre-boiled eggs are pumped with all sorts of chemicals so they last on the shelves. If you're concerned enough to buy fresh organic eggs, the idea of eating eggs pulled from a chemical broth may be unacceptable.

    We buy organic brown eggs. It's funny to think about, but I swear I think the chicken's diet comes out as making the eggs have different flavors. So, yeah, I buy into you being able to taste differences in eggs.

    Eggs that peel easily are old eggs. Eggs that are hard to peel are fresh. The older an egg gets, the more it separates from the shell. Which means those perfect looking pre-boiled eggs were probably pretty daggum old to begin with. (Another reason to cook your own?) So, if your eggs are getting old, and you've got a hankering for hard boiled, those are going to make you a happy eater.
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    I've never had the other brand- but yeah WaWa eggs are DRY and rubbery- I HATE them. I cant' stand them. I refuse to buy them any more. I just get them to make me a tuna wrap- in a bowl... wiht all the fixings- no wrap. it's a pain in the *kitten* but it's what I want- and I usually only make the special request on off peak hours.

    I make my own- but yes- sometimes you get stuck up **** creek with no food- or you found you get really low blood sugar from not having eaten- WaWa pre-boiled are easy and work in a pinch- I just can't do it anymore- they are soooooooooooooooooooooo rubbery. bleck.

    Also for your own eggs at home- use about week old eggs- slightly older eggs boil better than fresher eggs. I actually rotate my stock essentially- I buy 2 dozen and use half for scrambled eggs concoction then buy a fresh one the next week and start using the other one for hard boiled eggs- and just always have stock for boiled eggs and fresh eggs for scrambledness. NOMS

    You can also bake lots of eggs all at once- in your oven- like 25 minutes at 350. easy peasy- works better for HUGE batches of eggs.

    NOM NOM NOM eat all the eggs.. I've been known to eat upwards of 10 a day. delicious.
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    thanks for the recent replies on how to peel eggs.....I did read that if you have old eggs, or buy some before you really need to use them, they peel better

    I get so frustrated, lol, sometimes I just toss the egg I attempled to peel in the disposal, I use water to help, but to no avail

    Ill try KInos was as well........again, thanks for the help guys..........
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    I never have too much trouble peeling eggs. After you boil them, toss them under running cold water for a while, before you peel them. That usually does the trick.
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    Add baking soda to the water when you are boiling your eggs. For some reason this makes them SUPER easy to peel...