For all the wine (and spirit, and beer) lovers!

Okay, all. I'm new to MFP and I wasn't able to find anything about this yet (and if there is, I apologize). Already so many of you have been an inspiration to me, so thanks!

But one thing I won't want to give up completely is my wine -- Chardonnay Fridays and Sauv Sundays especially. Now, don't panic -- no, I don't have a drinking problem, but probably twice a week I like to have wine, and I'd love to hear from people who have managed to lose weight while still enjoying their tipple of choice.



  • glin23
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    I'd just work it into your calorie alotment for the day just like anything else. There really doesn't need to be any degree of concern, IMO.
  • OMG, I love wine. So. Much. I think I'm going to cut it back out for a while though, my weight seems to be increasing lately. I was still having wine a couple times a week back when I lost almost 40 pounds. It didn't seem to affect me that much since I was just being healthier in general. Like what was already said, just keep up with the calories from it too.
  • If you're doing strength training, a moderate amount of (preferably purified) alcohol may preserve muscle loss on a calorie deficit.

    If it fits in your calories, a drink or two a week isn't going to screw you up. I maintain a 1lb/week loss while cutting and have a couple of ounces of rum about twice a week. No bigs.
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    Wow, didn't know that. Maybe I should switch to vodka instead of wine...
  • MrsMX
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    Must admit I enjoy or rather enjoyed a drink or two mainly on the weekends!

    I used to drink scotch and dry or Jack Daniels and coke but now I enjoy a few glasses of wine on occasion, I'm thoroughly enjoying the journey of getting fit and finding I don't really want to drink .. I did 2 workouts yesterday because I knew we had visitors coming and we'd have a drink!! Lol

    less calories in wine than mixed spirits :))x
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    I love the occasional glass of Merlot and when calories allow, I fit it in OR I intentionally watch my intake for the day if I'm feelin' like a glass or two :drinker:
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    if you do all three
    add me
  • Keiras_Mom
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    I drink plenty and often, lol. As long as I'm honest about the calories and work it into my allotment, I've had no problems losing weight.
  • rgrange
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    just work it into your daily calories. You can meet your goals and drink.

    source: I'm drunk right now
  • QuincyChick
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    I drink plenty and often, lol. As long as I'm honest about the calories and work it into my allotment, I've had no problems losing weight.

  • newmanel
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    Dry white wines are really not very high-calorie, all things considered. You could drink vodka sodas for fewer calories, but the best advice is to drink what you want within your calorie allotment.
  • Juniper3411
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    Agreed with others on this topic :) I'm a drinker, always will be LOL and as long as I'm honest (or at least mostly teehee) it hasnt' affected my weight loss.

    Actually as long as you drink a mixer with 0 calories, vodka or light rum has less calories then wine. I believe it is 90 calories for 1 1/2 ounces of vodka. I am soooo guilty of saving up calories for alcohol...just take a look at my diary!!
  • 58Rock
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    Wine: everyday.
    “Wine improves with age. The older I get, the better I like it.”
  • Juniper3411
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    Fun side note...the less you eat the faster you get drunk LOL

    ETA: Less volume to get you drunk = less calories from alcohol...
  • sijomial
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    Plan it.
    Drink it.
    Enjoy it.

    I'm no doubt drinking less but unless you plan on going teetotal for the rest of your life then excluding something you enjoy isn't likely to be successful in the long term.
  • jmc0806
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    I didn't give up alcohol
  • quicklabs
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    I have to admit, I'm a total wine, beer and liqueur snob! There is no way I could give those up. So, I just set aside the calories or exercise harder. I have to say, I can't indulge every day the way I used to, but that's OK. I buy only the best now so that I can really, really enjoy it.
  • Nicolee_2014
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    If it fits into your diary - no reason not to have it :smile:
  • barbie3000
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    Thanks, all. Some of you made me cackle out loud.