Exercising while sick yes or no?

Got a horrible head cold/cold past four days... feeling better now. Haven't worked out at all just been sleeping the sucker off. Well my friend was like no you should of worked out during your cold you would feel better on Saturday when she called to see if I wanted go out. I just grunted at her and went back to sleep (not a very cheerful person while sick) but now that I more coherent I can see her side on why to work out but I go to the gym and really I don't want to spread my germs to everyone. What's everyone opinion on the matter? Should I work out or not...


  • SpleenThief
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    Rule of thumb is if it's a cold, work out if it's above your neck and rest if it's below.

    Personally there are times when I am slightly ill when a workout will sorta "burn off" the illness. Other times working out will make it worse because I should be resting. I'm pretty in tune with how I feel and can generally tell the difference between the two but have no idea how to tell someone else how to differentiate.
  • yeah if its a head ache no biggie to me it helps but this one of those bugs where everything is sore like you got ran over by a dump truck and my body couldn't figure if it was hot or cold... so I opted not to.
  • BrianSharpe
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    Go for a run etc sure, go to the gym and spread contagion....no.
  • YoBecca
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    Unless I'm running a fever, or it's a stomach bug, I workout. Seems like it helps clear my head out, and like I recover more quickly. I don't hit it quite as hard as normal, though, and I don't go to the gym and spread my contagion.
  • wolfchild59
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    The only time I skip a workout for illness is for a chest cold/sore throat. Even then, I'll do strength with a chest cold, just no cardio. I suppose I'd skip it for a full-blown, knock-me-out, flu as well, but I honestly haven't gotten sick like that in a few years.

    I've actually found that cardio with a head cold is the best thing ever. It sounds odd, but I usually take a couple of tissues with me because once I get going, I have to blow my nose. After I blow my nose, it's usually the clearest I breathe the entire day. It clears my breathing, soothes headaches, and even helps minor body aches. And the effects last for a while after I work out before it goes back to feeling sick again.