What do you weigh? What size clothes RIGHT NOW?



  • KelGen02
    KelGen02 Posts: 668 Member
    I hate the way they make clothes these days, no cut is the same. I am currently 241.6lbs and I am squeezing into a size 16 because I refuse to go into an 18. I will get into a large shirt but prefer an XL as not to show too many of the rolls in the bakery. The lowest I have ever been was a size 8 and that was when i was 19-20 years old...
  • lorigem
    lorigem Posts: 446 Member
    I weigh 185. On 12 & 14 pants. Size L shirts.
  • Juniper3411
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    I'm 5'4 (edging on 5'5 though) currently 152 and right this instant am wearing a size 8 from Maurices and a size large Dr. Who t-shirt from Spencers (those shirts are sized weird...don't normally wear a large shirt LOL).

    Sizing is annoying and stupid...all I know is I'm trying to get back into my closet full of 6's and 4's! To get into some of my 6's I need to be around 145, to get into ALL of them that I currently own I need to be between 130 and 135. I'm bigger on the bottom then the top, so usually I wear a small or a medium shirt depending on the cut/style/brand. If it's from a juniors store, usually a large.

    Then again if I keep up my weight training the weights I need to be to wear them could change. I'm using those clothes as a benchmark though :)
  • Willbenchforcupcakes
    Willbenchforcupcakes Posts: 4,955 Member
    5'7.5", currently 158.4lbs
    Pants are size 6 across most brands I shop, skirts either a 4 or a 6. Tops generally are smalls.
    For workout wear, size 4 for a compression fit, 6 for a regular fit.
  • Kurrupt1922
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    To date I'm 155lb. 5'2 and depending on the brand, style, cut and if it "stretch" lol.

    Pants= size 8, 6, and 4, but I think I'm solid 6 :)
    Tops= small or x-small
    Dress= 8 or 6

    oh but when I was 241lb

    Pants= 18
    Dress= 1X
  • Jane_1705
    Jane_1705 Posts: 152 Member
    134 lb.
    UK 10-12 (US 8-10) pear shaped so the larger size fits my bottom half better and vica versa.
  • 5''4
    222 lbs
    size 32/33/34 or 14 pant. size large shirts.

    I dont care how much I weigh I just have a goal to be in a single digit pant size like 6 or 8 or below 30 like 28 or 29
  • PunkinSpice79
    PunkinSpice79 Posts: 310 Member
    127 Lbs
    Size 6

    working hard to get back into my 4s!!!
  • amandatapar
    amandatapar Posts: 246 Member
    I'm 5' 8'' and I weigh 170 pounds now. I wear a size 10 pant and medium shirt.
  • Achrya
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    I guess i need to go clothes shopping to see what size i wear now. After seeing posts of 5'5" - 5'4" women (where i am) - i find that my size 10 shorts and large tops at 141 lbs are way too big! How do they fit into a size 6 ? And Small tops? I have lost 18-19 lbs (and still going!) but not in my wildest dreams am i yet a size 6 !

    I lift weights.

    Seriously. That's my 'secret'
  • 220Dani
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    5'3", 132 lbs, and size 8 jeans size small shirts. I have a badonk so I doubt those jeans are really going to get smaller. If I squeeze, I can fit in a size 6 but they aren't comfortable.
  • tstukes
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    At 5'10 tall, Used to be a whopping 246 lbs size 16/18 I believe. Now I am a size 9/10 in jeans/dress, mainly medium shirts/180 lbs.

    I still have that complex when I look in the mirror at times and still see my old self, which I am trying to completely get rid of. I definitely feel a lot better in my skin however and am shooting for my next goal to be become a true size 9 and continue working on my muscle definition =)

    Feel free to friend me to keep in touch and keep motivation alive!
  • Inrequia
    Inrequia Posts: 53 Member
    I'm 5'4", weigh approximately 210-215lbs, and wear a size 18/20 pant and a large shirt.

    I have found finding clothes that fit (especially pants - they are the bane of my fashion existence) a real challenge. I'm hourglass shaped, but have short legs, so I wear pants on my hips. If pants fit me through the legs and around my butt, there's no chance in hell they'll do up. If they do up, they're baggy as all hell everywhere else.

    I've generally stuck to elasticized pants if I must wear them, or high-waisted skirts. I have found it increasingly frustrating that girls who weigh more than me, or weigh less but look bigger, wear smaller sizes than me.

    It is my goal to comfortably fit a 12/14. One day.. one day.
  • sambernardo
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    i'm 5'5.5 154 pounds and a size 11 in junior jeans some brands I can wear a 9 (I have issues with jeans being tight in the legs) size M shirt sometimes Large.
  • kimad
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    Starting weight: 245lbs 18 pants - 2/3X tops

    Lowest (up right now from being bad this summer) 157/160 6/8 pants s/m tops
  • MercenaryNoetic26
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    I don't gain weight but can go anywhere from XS to Large. Depends on the maker and the style and how I want it to fit. I'm 120lbs 5'2".

    Sizes are like the scale to me. IDGAF.
  • saschka7
    saschka7 Posts: 577 Member
    [US sizes]....a pair of jeans that the label says is a size 2 which fit EXACTLY the same as a size 11 pair I have....so one of them is obviously labeled wrong.:laugh:

    Someone did point out to me that maybe the 11 is really Roman numerals II but I don't think so: the idea of me fitting into an honest pair of size 2 jeans in the last 5 years is kind of laughable.
  • RitaSantoss
    RitaSantoss Posts: 986 Member
    Right now I weigh 64 kgs (as of this morning!) which is 141 lbs. 5'3''. I wear size M clothes on the top and probably between 38-40 EU sizes on the bottom.
  • igoleft6
    igoleft6 Posts: 13 Member
    I am 5' 1.5" and my current weight is 122 and pear shaped
    I wear Xs/s tops and a size 5 jeans
  • poohpoohpeapod
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    Right now I weigh 181.4. My pants are a 12 & 14 and my shirts are XL. I hate being in between sizes too. It's still better than being in my size 18/20 & XXL clothes. :)

    Finally someone honest^. I am 179 and wear 14 pants, and about a 16 top or an xl.