Going Dopey?

I've been struggling with the idea of running. I use to love running and ever since having surgery I've never been able to get back into it. I've invested a lot of money for WDW Marathon Weekend 2014 (flights and race fees). However I don't want to go. Has anyone ever experienced losing their love for running? Did you get past it or did you change to something else? I'm registered for the Dopey so that means I need to get my butt moving now in order to run the races.


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    It really depends on why you lost that love of running. And...is it something you REALLY want to get back, or do you think you'd rather get into cycling or lifting? Reasons are important. If your reasons not to run are more vital to you than your reasons to run then I'd say cancel your reservations and do something else with the money while you readjust your life's direction.

    Good luck!
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    Dopey is all 4 races and each day they get progressively longer right? Maybe see how you feel after the 5k. If you feel good, do the 10k. If still good the next day try the half. Then go for the full if you feel you have it in you to do it without injury.

    My thought is you don't want your lack of interest in running to ruin your love of Disney. You'll still have an awesome time in Disney whether or not you run the full Dopey Challange.

    Ping me here or FB if you need to chat. {hug}