Polar HR Monitor yelling at me

Went for a run (really slow jog) first time in a month after ok from doc (knee pain).

Polar hr monitor kept beeping at me that my heart rate was too high, so I walked until it stopped beeping, then resumed, Repeat, repeat.....repeat, until I got home.

Average hr 178 (my max heart rate is 175).

Before this jog, I hadn't used the hr monitor before and wouldn't have known that my hr was too high.

My time per mile was 14min 32 sec (one month ago before I stopped running due to knee pain was 11:42).

Should I stop wearing the monitor? I was just wearing it to see how many calories I was burning.
What is the harm in running above max hr?
I have always felt tired and out of breath running, just figured it was because I was deconditioned.


  • DavPul
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    ditch the hrm
  • Martucha123
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    it is impossible to run above your HR MAX
    HR MAX is the MAX HR you can have...
    what happened is that your HR monitor has calculated the HR Max based on average for the population. If you can modify it, then set it to something higher like 200. If not, then see if you can change age setting, a lot of HR Monitors go with simple formula of 220 - age for HR MAX. Just set it to 20 year old.

    Remeber that the calories burned are only an estimate, HR Monitor is good to track your fitness level progress (HR will be lower when you are fitter if you continue to run at the same pace)
  • jacksonpt
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    I'd keep the HRM (I like numbers), but I'd turn off all the alarms. Just go do what you can do for as long as you can do it.

    I do agree with the previous poster about making sure it is setup correctly.

  • fleetzz
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    I will set it to 220, because if my average heart rate was 178 while I was going extra slow and walking, it must be way up there when I am actually jogging. I didn't have any shortness of breath or chest pain or dizziness.
  • maegmez
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    It might be better to power walk to condition your heart for running when your heart is ready. I would also talk to your dr though to make sure it's ok to continue in that manor. I wouldn't adjust the hrm until then,
  • brixtonbanner
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    there are a number of formulae to calculate your max heart rate
    the one i have found most support for is
    210 minus half your age then subtract 5% of your body weight in pounds add 4 if you are male and add 0 if female.
    There are other formulae so don't listen to me but get googling.
    type this calculated number as your max heart rate into your heart rate monitor
    if it doesn't set your zones try entering
    zone 1 50 - 60%
    zone 2 60-70%
    zone 3 70 - 80%
    zone 4 80 - 90%
    zone 5 90 - 100%
  • emc916
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    Mine does that as well. I just turned off the sounds and upped my HR max.
  • Run4Me2Day
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    I have a Polar also and I just hit silent on the tones....I got tired of hearing it chirping at me.

    I love using it, just couldn't stand the noise.
  • TheRealParisLove
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    Can you turn off that option? My MHR is much higher than the standard calculations, too. Basically, the math is based on nothing but was invented as a place holder until a better algorithm was invented to calculate maximum heart rates. Someone who was not knowledgeable in how the formula was arrived at, took it and used it to apply to all people. Then someone else made a chart that you'll still find today in just about every gym and locker room in the world.

    Ignore it. You are at your maximum heart rate of you can't hardly breathe and feel like vomiting or passing out. That is pretty much the only way to tell if you are at max.
  • NavyKnightAh13
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    I turned my alarms off on my Polar FT 4 because I got tired of hearing it beeping at me.
  • tzig00
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    I have mine silenced. Settings, training settings,training sounds (I switched it to off). You won't have it yelling at you anymore.
  • DavPul
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    how do all of you work out with your HRM silenced? aren't you afraid that your heart is going to explode while jogging?