Need some motivation

Hi, everyone :)

I've tried to use FitnessPal a couple of times now, and for some reason it never stuck. I definitely think some motivation would help me a lot :) If you would like motivation/can throw some my way, add me as a friend :)

We'll all do well if we help each other!


  • ReniaL
    ReniaL Posts: 86 Member
    I am so much like you. I joined MFP ages ago but after logging religiously for 30 days I usually fall off the wagon. But this time I want to stick to it and do it properly this time. After all I want to feel thin and georgeous lol. Ocassionally I have a slip up - even having a burger lol but what's great about MFP is you can always start tomorrow. Personally I have leart that what is working for me is that I do not have forbidden foods. If I fancy something I just make sure I have enough calories in my day to accommodate it. And if I go over one day I try not to beat myself about it.
  • TKRV
    TKRV Posts: 165 Member
    Here's some motivation:

    The key to losing weight is simply living a healthy life. Whatever you do to achieve your goals MUST become a part of your lifestyle. I found this out when I was inconsistent with MFP. When I used it, I lost or maintained; when I didn't I gained. So now MFP is a part of my daily lifestyle.
  • spaceyplum
    spaceyplum Posts: 54 Member
    I'm like you, I learned that cutting out anything makes me crave it even more so I try not to do that anymore. I exercise just so I can eat... LOL!!!

    I actually started with Lose It! last March but fell off the wagon when I went on vacation in May. Went with MFP this time because I find some of my Spanish foods already in the system here, makes logging a little easier. I'm hoping I can still meet my goal weight of 118lbs by the end of the year but I'll be happy to make it to 123lbs by then.