Fasting Cardio?

What do you do for exercise and how do you go about it? I fast typically before I see my trainer or do cardio ( just don't eat breakfast is what I mean). If I am lifting I try to get some food in but I gotta tell you I feel better when I work out on an empty stomach lifting or cardio. What you about you :)


  • Itlnchk
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    Anyone, lol
  • I do all my training fasted, and do much better weights when I do LOl... I feel sluggish if I eat first, and if I eat before cardio, I can feel it rolling around *blerg*
  • No way, I gotta have something in my tank for working out. In the past when I did 6 am workouts, I had a harder time with what my body would tolerate that early. So I would have something like grapes, an orange, or a bottle of half gatorade half water.
  • ohenry78
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    I've actually been starting this as well. I work out at night after I'm done at my job. My eating day is normally breakfast, then a fairly large lunch, and then I don't eat all afternoon/evening while I'm at work. Then I go and work out, and it feels better for me to work out on the empty stomach and let the fat in my body fuel my activity, than it does to have my body use whatever food I've just eaten instead.
  • jdm_taco
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    almost always fasted
  • lisalsd1
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    I was just remarking that I can't believe how many posts I have seen where people don't eat before working out. I have to eat as soon as I get up in the morning, if I wait more than 20 minutes to eat, I get sick.

    I usually have a relatively small breakfast and start working out about 1-2 hours later. When I used to workout after work (around 4pm), I would have a very small snack before, like toast (but that's generally b/c I already had lunch and a small snack (like almonds) at work).
  • BrianSharpe
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    My favourite time to run is 5 AM. I roll out of bed, slam down a cup of coffee and I'm out the door. If I'm going on a run that's 90 minutes or more I'll eat something first like a banana and a yogurt. (I hate running with too much food in my stomach)

    My non-running days are a little more leisurely, I'll take the time to enjoy a couple of cups of coffee then hit the rowing machine.
  • wolfchild59
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    If I try to run on empty I bonk.

    If I don't have the time, I throw down a nutrition bar and head out.

    When I have the time, I prefer to eat a small meal/large snack, let the food settle for an hour or two and then head out. I run faster and more consistently when I've got food in my stomach.

    Honestly, when I was half marathon training, once I got up to double digit runs, I'd go to bed really early in the evening on Saturday, then wake up around 1am to eat, grab a couple more hours of sleep, then wake up and have another meal before I'd head out to run an hour or so after that. And I'd do the same on race day. I forgot to set the alarm one time for a 10 miler and only got one meal in before heading out, and even with supplements along the way (which I usually never do other than on race day, once I'd figured out which ones worked best for me), I felt like I was dying and had to take multiple walking breaks.

    And if I lift on an empty stomach I get nauseous.
  • TribeHokie
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    I get super light-headed if I'm on empty when I work out. Gotta have something within a couple hours before I exercise.
  • I workout in the evenings after work that is a about 4 hours after lunch. Even if I workout on the weekends I need to wait at least 2 hours after eating before I can work out.
    Once I did a leg workout after waiting about 30mins from dinner..gym partner rushed me. 3rd set of squats..came up out of the hole, racked it and puked everywhere.

    Kudos to you if you can workout after eating...I am not one of those folks.
  • Portugueselove
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    I have a protein shake on the way to the gym.
  • bookworm_847
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    I get up at 5 AM to exercise, so I usually don't eat anything before. If I'm feeling hungry, I'll have a handful of nuts or something small. After the workout, I always make a good breakfast for myself.

    If I eat too much before exercise, I get stomach cramps and feel sick.
  • homeyjosey
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    Lifting, running, cycling and basketball games all with 19+ hour fast and BCAA's during activity

    I feel sluggish if I eat before
  • Is there evidence that training fasted is better for fat burning?

    I start weight training at 10am and finish up with some cardio. Then I have something to eat at about 12pm.