Running - 10 Common Rookie Mistakes



  • wolfchild59
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    Wow, I did pretty well back when I started running. I didn't fall victim to any of these. Though, I did actually add more "stuff" as I went simply because I prefer to have water on me since I get bad side-stitches if I don't stay hydrated so I run with a hydration belt. And I do use Shot Bloks during races, so I also have those on me.

    There's also no way I'd go out without my phone for safety reasons. There was once I went out too late in the day during the Summer and got seriously over-heated. I ran out of the water that I had on my belt, had to take several breaks, and still only made it through 8 miles of an 11 mile run. Which, considering I was on an out and back trail, that left me three miles from home when I finally just couldn't go any further. I barely made it to the nearest trail exit where my hubby picked me up with a bottle of water. I honestly don't know if I could have made it back, even walking, so I'm definitely glad I had my "stuff" with me.