Carry-Over Calories?

Hi there,
I am trying to eat at a small deficit... I am eating at my goal weight in calories. I want to be around 115 lbs. and I am currently 125 lbs. I am eating about 1550 calories per day plus exercise calories back. Again, I know it is a small deficit. With that being said, I just started religiously counting calories from last Monday to this Sunday, I ended up with a total of 300 calories left at the end of that week that I am not hungry for tonight...

Could that carry over into next week or do you just cut it off at the end of each week and whatever you did not eat, oh well!



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  • I feel like you could carry them over, but whatever your feeling just go with what your body feels
  • cmriverside
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    300 calories in a week? :laugh:

    You've made five times that amount in errors in that week.

    Just stay as close as you can and don't obsess over the exact number. There is no exact number.
  • Great, thanks for your help!
    Any other suggestions?
  • S0nsh1ne
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    If it makes you feel better knowing you have 300 calories to use towards something yummy - go for it.
  • cingle87
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    Only a small deficit it easy to wipe out the benifiti ny under/over esitmating calories in and calories out. Thats the reason im always around 100-150 cals under my NET goal to alow for that error in calculations, but if you feel you need/can eat them, then there is nothing stoping you!