C25K success stories? I want to see your pictures!



  • ninjakitty419
    ninjakitty419 Posts: 349 Member
    I just started week 4. The first week, I struggled. I couldn't even make it the, what? 45 seconds of jogging at a time. i would have to slow to a walk after 30 seconds. Yesterday I was able to go 5 minutes jogging without stopping. I have lost 10 pounds so far.
  • rduhlir
    rduhlir Posts: 3,550 Member
    I am at the first week of the C25K program and I find it very difficult, out of breathe, etc...I'm exhausted by the time I finish

    You're going too fast. If you are completely out of breath by the end then you need to slow down. If you think you can run slower then you are going too fast. Sounds silly, but the key to C25K is being a snail not a rabbit.

    As far as the weight loss, as long as you are sticking to your calorie intake then yes you will lose weight.
  • emzypemzy93
    I did the couch25k last year and it was the best decision I made! I never ever though I'd be able to run a full 5k!! Now I can easily run over an hr... Stick with the program and remember to repeat weeks if you're not ready to move onto the next level.. I repeated so many weeks and I got through it! Best decision ever!! It was challenging at first and the I remember the thought of running 20 minutes straight was terryfying for me, but this program really does work. And best of all it's free!! Best of luck!! OTHER RUNNERS FEEL FREE TO ADD ME xxx I run every other day 5-10k
  • gonnasee33
    gonnasee33 Posts: 163
    C25K graduate here (2 weeks early in fact) .. Started it once ... lost 60 lbs... got what I "wanted" and didn't see it through.. fast forward about 2 years .. put 45 of those 60 lbs back on and picked up the program again.. and told myself I AM GOING TO FINISH THIS and lost 27 of those 45 LBS. Now that ive finished the program its built a habit that I intend to keep up for as long as I can.
    Oh BTW i was a severe asthmatic when I started and now I havnt touched a "rescue inhaler" in over 5 months :happy:

    What helped me out was

    1) sticking with it .. you can do this ! If you cant make it through one of the days dont give up .. Some exercise is better than none at all.. Just try again tomorrow


    2) The program only has you running 3 days a week.. Instead of sticking to that .. I did the program everyday and did each "day" 2 times.. (IE did w1/d1 Monday AND Tuesday then moved to w1/d2 for Wednesday and Thursday.. etc etc etc)

    Hope this helps.. you (or anyone else reading this thread) can feel free to add me if you want
  • Melo1966
    Melo1966 Posts: 881 Member
    It will get easier just slow your running pace down. Focus on time and not distance. I remember 60 seconds being really hard, looking back it seems funny. I finished C25K and am continuing with 10K Trainer and now on week 12 which has 3 18 minute sessions of running. I still do not do average a 10 minute mile but can go 5 miles on a slow day.
  • Just_Ceci
    Just_Ceci Posts: 5,926 Member
    This group helped me make it through.


    I started in April, ran my first 5k early August, and am now in week five of a 5 to 10k program. It does get better, especially if you slow down!
  • Kookabara1
    I didn't do C25K but I know what you're going through. For years I've been battling 50lbs of weight gain since college. Like you, I did eliptical for 30min or more, followed by weight training and mixed things up many times with no results. On Jan 2nd of this year, I started a new approach by counting calories (something I've never done before). I started at 242lbs. I'm 39, 6'2" male. FT job, married with two young kids.

    For one, I was shocked how quick the calories racked up. My initial goal was to be under 2000 calories per day and found this challenging but I thought of the app as a game. If I hit my cal goal for the day, I would get a point that I could throw into a cheat meal (only one per 5 days). The first two week were hellishly difficult. I had zero energy and could barely walk up one flight of stairs but by the end of the month, I was able to integrate the gym. I was able to lose 30 lbs in three months then I kind of stopped for some reason. From April to June, I very loosely followed my plan but made no progress in those three months and then decided I needed to get back on the program. Since then, I've restricted my calories to 1500 and have lost an additional 17 lbs and went from a starting waist size of 38-40 to a solid 34. I'm currently 195 and nearly at my goal. 1500 calories my not sound like a lot (and it isn't for someone my size) but I'm able to maintain a high level of energy throughout my day and last week I upped my workout to 2 per day 6 days a week (all cardio AM and weights only PM) and feel great. Conincidentally, I ran into a old co-worker whom I haven't seen in about a year and he's lost 75lbs (from 275 to 200) using myfitnesspal app only with no exercise. He said eats fast food almost daily but counts calories religiously and takes in only 1000 to 1200 cal per day. He says if it's fits his calorie budget he'll have it. He's 5'10" for reference.

    This is what he typically eats:
    Breakfast: Trader Joe's Instant Oatmeal 150 Cal
    Lunch: 400 Cal of Whatever
    Dinner: 500 Cal of Whatever
    Snack: Microwave popcorn single serving 100 cal
    Lots of Water.

    For me, my typical day is:
    Breakfast: Trader Joe's Instant Oatmeal 150 Cal
    Snack: Trader Joe's Go Raw Trail Mix 150 cal
    Lunch: Big Salad with grilled protein of some kind w/ Light dressing. 400-500cal
    Snack: Bag of raw almonds 200 cal
    Dinner: Grilled Protein and sauteed vegables in olive oil sald and pepper 400-500cal
    Snack: Raw vegtalbes with a spinach and kale dip (low cal) 100 cal
    Lots of Water. About 100oz per day.

    A word of advice: Focus on the end result. Focus so much that a switch turns on in your brain where your desire for fitness overcomes your desire to eat unhealthily and or overeat. Once that happens, it's easy. One more thing... How long have you been unhappy with the way you look or feel? If you're like me and so many others, it's been years. Well, the good news is that it'll take less than one year of hard work to reverse everything. That's not a bad return on your investment. Good luck!
  • chantwizzle83
    chantwizzle83 Posts: 82 Member
    Just ran 3.7km without stops. It's an incredible feeling. For anyone experiencing injury or difficulty, I recommend barefoot shoes. I have plantar fascitis and patellar femoral syndrome and I've also had a couple serious back injuries. They make you run like nature intended. They take the stress off your joints and improve your posture. I'm not a rep for a shoe company, I swear. And I'm by no means a marathon runner. But I've really found them to help me go longer and have an easier time. If anyone needs a virtual running buddy, add me up! Running has become enjoyable for me (finally). And an important part of my weight loss.
  • brittanyellenrae
    brittanyellenrae Posts: 5 Member
    When I first started running I could maybe run a block before I had to stop and walk.
    It's been a year and I'm still improving all the time. I can run 3k now with a couple of stops to catch my breath. I don't walk but I just stop until I'm ready again.
    So don't feel like you should be an amazing runner, because who is when they first start, especially if you've previously been sedentary (like I was).
    So just persist, get some good shoes, and enjoy it. Do want you can do, and not what a program tells you that you should be able to do and when you should be able to do it.
  • mjkanaan
    mjkanaan Posts: 78 Member
    I'm on week 7, day 3 and when I started I had such a hard time getting through the running portions. Now, I'm ready for my first 5k in less than two weeks and I actually look forward to my running days. Definitely check out the c25k support group on here, as they will give some good advice. The best thing I did was to get fitted for a good pair of running shoes. And the next thing was to listen to everyone who said to go SLOW. That was the best advice I ever got, and made the program that much more doable.

    Good luck!
  • mel_2812
    mel_2812 Posts: 66 Member
    Thanks for all of your reply! Haven't had a chance to read them all, I'll do that tomorrow.

    Of course, I am not doing only that program, on rest days (which aren't often lately), I try to stick to 1200-1400 cal. per day. No soda, no junk food, only a bag of popcorn here and there. When I exercise, sometimes, I do eat back some of my calories, sometimes, I don't. I stick to my 2 L of water per day, minimum.

    Tonight, I did first day of week 3. It was hard, but feasible! I did focus on my breathing and everything went pretty well. I struggled the last 2 minutes of jogging, but I sicked to it and did it! Afterwards, I did my weight training and elliptical. I was tired by the end but glad I went through the hole 90 minutes of my routine! :)

    I go to the gym every other day. On rest days, I try do do a little bit of exercise (youtube video, walking, biking, etc.).

    My main goal is to lose all of my extra weight (around 60 lbs) before I go for a one month vacation in Europe, in May 2014. I When I feel like I can't do it and feel like I want to give up, I remember my upcoming trip and it gives me the boost to continue.

    My other motiviation is this website. I come here every single day, looking at pictures, success stories, etc. and it helps me so much! I hope I will be able to post my story and pictures one day!

    I'm 5'3, 2 weeks ago, I was 183 lbs and this morning, I was at 178.4. Must be doing something right! :)

    Feel free to add me! :)
  • Sarahdix1322
    I complete the C25K a few weeks ago. Since then I have been pushing myself to run a 6K and plan to try to run another K every week. It was really hard at first, but I stuck with it and now I look forward to going out. Keep it up, take it slow, it may take more than 30 minutes to actually run the 5K (it does me), but just think, you ran for 30 minutes.
  • mrslcoop
    mrslcoop Posts: 317 Member
    I try to stick to 1200-1400 cal. per day. No soda, no junk food, only a bag of popcorn here and there. When I exercise, sometimes, I do eat back some of my calories, sometimes, I don't.

    If you're doing the MFP method (which it sounds like you are) make sure you eat back your calories! You should net 1200 at a minimum.
  • JLHNU212
    JLHNU212 Posts: 169 Member
    I am bumping to read this later! Thank you for asking the question!
  • bethkersten
    This is a great idea. I am only on W4D2 but I was wondering how I might work on speed...thanks!
  • Seaglass1123
    Seaglass1123 Posts: 500 Member
    C25k was such a game changer for me mentally and physically. I honestly didn't think I could do it and I was deathly afraid of the long runs. I pushed the weeks out if I needed to and I think I finished in about 14 wks vs the 9 in the program. I have run 2 5ks so far and I found a love for running which I never expected. Running accelerated my weight loss I believe and I lost over 115 lbs (note I am currently pregnant so I changed my ticker to reflect "0"). I started running at over 200 lbs and it sure gets easier as the lbs drop off. One suggestion I would give it to run outside if you can. Running outside is much different so it's good to get used to it out there and don't be afraid of hills like I was.

    Good luck! I say you can do anything you set your mind to!
  • ipsamet
    ipsamet Posts: 436 Member
    Stick with it! It absolutely gets better with time. I started last March, and since then I have done 21 races including 4 triathlons and I'm set to do my first half marathon in the beginning of October. You really have to trust the process and don't be afraid to repeat days and slow it down if you need to. You can see by my ticker that I have lost weight as well!

    And some photos, 'cause you asked:


  • mel_2812
    mel_2812 Posts: 66 Member
    Thanks all for your repply/suggestions!

    I have completed W3 yesterday...I had hard time, I was REALLY tired before my training...but I did it. Tomorrow W4 is starting! Yikes! :)

    Great pictures by the way ipsamet!
  • Jenlwb
    Jenlwb Posts: 682 Member

    My main goal is to lose all of my extra weight (around 60 lbs) before I go for a one month vacation in Europe, in May 2014. I When I feel like I can't do it and feel like I want to give up, I remember my upcoming trip and it gives me the boost to continue.

    You can TOTALLY do that.

    I'm not far into C25K, my goal is to run a 3km portion of a charity relay, and my colleagues are mostly doing it in 13mins!!! I couldn't run more than 1min straight at first, but up to now I've been doing HIIT intervals, so I've been used to running fast for 30 secs. Once I slowed it down, I could do 90 secs. Now I'm building it up!

    I would like to add that you should keep up strength training, cardio isn't picky about whether you burn fat or muscle, so it's important to supplement with good strength training. You'll look better too, and improve your metabolism.

    Good luck!
  • wistera
    wistera Posts: 22 Member
    I've never posted on the forums before, but I saw this topic in my sidebar and I have a picture to contribute! I did C25K at the beginning of the year using the Zombies, Run! 5K app and did my first 5K at ~220ish pounds... left the country for two months, got a little off track, but now I'm five weeks into a half marathon training program and did my first 5 mile race a week back! This is the comparison picture I made recently:


    (...hope that works! Keep it up with C25K, you will be so amazed by how far you end up going and how awesome you feel).
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