Muscle Gain, thus no weight loss

What are some great ways to find a balance between building muscle, but losing weight?


  • wolfchild59
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    Well, you're a female, so you're probably only going to be able to add about five to eight pounds of muscle a year if you're dedicated to it. If you really, really push yourself, you may be able to get more than that, but not a lot, not without supplementing in some way. (and I'm not talking protein shakes)

    But, in order to actively gain muscle, you have to be eating at a surplus, you can't eat at a deficit and build muscle, only maintain the muscle you have.

    And, as you gain muscle, you may initially gain some non-muscle weight as well, but eventually you'll start re-comping your body where you will lose the inches and have more muscle, so be leaner and more muscular looking.

    So there isn't really a balance, per se. It's eat at a deficit and lose, while maintaining the muscle you have so you look better when the fat is shed. Or it's eat at surplus and gain muscle, but eventually lose fat.
  • psuLemon
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    Based on your ticker, it's a non issue. It's really hard to gain muscle, especially for a woman. The only thing you will have to fight is water weight. But that comes with exercise, so you can't fight it. The only thing you should fight is the urge to weight daily if you are overly concerned weight.
  • tonynguyen75
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    Best way is to bulk and then cut. It's the most time efficient way. Or so the bodybuilders say.