Focus T25 Challenge Group - Starting 9/3

I'm putting together an accountability challenge group for Focus T25 starting on September 3rd.

Requirements to participate:

Commitment to the program
Willing to spend 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week working out with the Focus T25 program
Follow a clean diet
Check in at least every other day
Provide stats once a week
Communicate with your assigned accountability partner

There will be prizes for those who engage with the community the most, with the best results, and a random draw.

I experienced success personally loosing 20lbs in a challenge group. It has changed my life in many ways. I'm healthier, happier, lighter, with more endurance. But best of all I connected with like people and made long term friendships. It's exciting and an honor to help coach people through their programs.

Please respond to this post or send me a private message.


  • 1fitnessplanner
    1fitnessplanner Posts: 63 Member
    sounds great but i started today does it matter where i will be in the program?
  • ruthrowlett1
    ruthrowlett1 Posts: 82 Member
    I'm kind of new to the forums and not sure but what is the Focus T25 program? I'm very interested in joining because challenges really help me be accountable.
  • TiredMom12
    TiredMom12 Posts: 78 Member
    I have been researching this and plan on ordering it today. Starting 9/3 would be great. How can I join??
  • Cacwells
    Cacwells Posts: 10 Member
    Would love to!
  • joyfulhappyheart
    joyfulhappyheart Posts: 63 Member
    Please don't think I'm really dumb, but can I ask questions?
    Is there a way to buy just the t25 beginner vidos (I think the first set is called ALPHA)-- the entire set is a bit $$$.

    When you say "eat clean"-- do you mean eat in your calorie goals? I'm not sure if protein bars, protein shakes, or my occasional frozen low calorie meals fit into eat clean, but I'm not eating fried wings and beer either???

    Please don't dogpile on me, sometimes this forum can be mean, and I'm just trying to learn.
  • rathor3
    rathor3 Posts: 1
    Hello, I am in for sure. I definitely would love to be part of this challenge.
  • belfiea
    belfiea Posts: 1
    I would like to join!
  • Momomo1984
    Momomo1984 Posts: 6 Member
    I m in!!!
  • reddysunita
    reddysunita Posts: 2 Member
    I`m in!
  • nordicskater
    nordicskater Posts: 9 Member
    Sorry, what's T25?
  • SarahStruss
    SarahStruss Posts: 9 Member
    I would love to join this challenge and meet some new people too!
  • KALMdown
    KALMdown Posts: 211 Member
    Just finished Day 3. Total Body Circuit is hell.
  • rypstorm
    rypstorm Posts: 63 Member
    I'm in. Finishing up Chalean extreme this week, so this is perfect timing!
  • kmillers
    kmillers Posts: 144 Member
    Mine will be here on Saturday (fingers crossed) so I am in!!!
  • jojoboxing
    jojoboxing Posts: 118 Member
    I will throw my hat into the ring. I will do a few workouts this week but my official start date will probably be Monday September 2nd.
  • Focus T25 is a 25 minute work out done 5 days a week created by Shaun T who is the creator of Insanity. It's high intensity and provides great results in a short period of time.
  • Thanks for all your responses and questions.

    I've sent each you a friend request and a message so we can discuss the program and the challenge group.

    I have no doubt this Challenge Group will give you the absolute BEST
    results! We all work together and help each other throughout the entire

    If you are interested please send me a private message.
  • SarahStruss
    SarahStruss Posts: 9 Member
    I am stoked to start this challenge. I tried out Total Body Circuit last night and there were puddles of sweat on my floor. Some people may think that's gross but I think it's awesome!!
  • It's amazing isn't it how 25 minutes can be such a great workout. Glad you are enjoying it and excited you will be joining us.
  • jojoboxing
    jojoboxing Posts: 118 Member
    We will be tracking this challenge in this Thread?