Activity level question


I am trying to figure out which activity level i would fall into. I work at a doctor's office as a front desk and I do try not to sit as often but instead I try to stand. I work out every morning doing Jillian Michaels workout for 35 mins and then at night I do two 10-11 min blogilates workout 6 times a week. I wasnt sure if I am considered sedentary b/c of my job or lightly active.

I am asking this because I am trying to calculate TDEE for my calorie intake. I am 5'2'' and weigh 118lbs

Thank you so much!


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  • CkepiJinx
    CkepiJinx Posts: 613 Member
    Very few people are truly sedentary. I would set yourself up as lightly active, you can always change it up or down after.
  • Tctr
    Tctr Posts: 24 Member
    I set myself as sedentary --- have an office job.

    Then i just add my exercise and eat back half or so of the calories.

    I could go a step or two up from sedentary since I go to karate 5-6 times a week, gym 2-3 times and jog 3-4 times but it seems more accurate since not every day/week is the same --- IMHO.