Shirataki Noodles.

I have heard good things and bad things. Opinions? I bought some, but havent tried them.yet.


  • Yanicka1
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    Tried those and the texture bother me.
  • mira2602
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    I tried them, they smell a bit and you have to wash them to rinse the fishy smell....I guess the taste is okish, but prefer good old pasta....
  • I like them with Asian food. Cooking them in a wok with some shoyu makes them pretty good. As pasta in Italian, no good.
  • xxnellie146xx
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    I like them. Rinse them well, dry fry them until translucent, put in a paper towel and squeeze to get ride of the extra moisture. They don't really have a taste, but take one the flavors of whatever they are mixed with. If you like pasta and want to have a bowl of spaghetti, I would forgot the shirataki noodles and just have the pasta. I have used the tofu fettuccine shirataki with success. They spaghetti-ish noodles are good for stir-fry type meals and soup.
  • SueMizZou
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    They can be very good if you wash them through several changes of water. Otherwise they taste like fish
  • I was super excited when they arrived in the mail. I rinsed them 3 times and they didn't smell so bad. I made them with pasta sauce like spaghetti but could not get around the strange texture,

    Waste of money IMHO, and now just do whole wheat pasta in smaller portions...for the most part.
  • QuincyChick
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    I had one bite and vowed never again. Too fishy, even after rinsing.
  • piinchi
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    I get the NoOodles brand. They require a good rinsing and you can and should cook them (you can stir-fry without oil in a very hot pan, they shouldn't stick) with vegetables or sauce. They have a weird texture but its similar to rice noodles and other Asian noodles you find in various soups and other dishes. I enjoy them in place of vermicelli in soup or just to top with lots of veggies. They don't really fill me up though so I use them as a vessel for other stuff :)
  • skylark94
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    I couldn't get past the texture :sick:
  • kellyskitties
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    Had no problem with the texture but the smell. I would only use them in something like asian cuisines where the fish taste fits well. If I would put fish sauce in it - I would use them. With marinara or alfredo - no. Weird to me.
  • EIEIElenaO
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    Yep, like 'em. Reminds me to put them on my grocery list to make tuna noodle casserole!
  • jen_zz
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    I love konjac noodles, hardly any cals. I'm not sure what the smell is about that some people mention. Maybe it's from a particular brand? The konjac ones I buy have no smell.
  • Love them! They taste pretty good with hot sauce, imo.
  • I love them with 2 tbsp light sour cream. 2 wedges of laughing cow light cheese. Salt. Pepper. Voila! Instant alfredo! :) Definitely have to wash them first...twice. Then toss in a pan. It's not as weird a texture as you might think. I was half way through a bowl of them before I stopped and reminded myself I wasn't eating pasta.
  • pinkraynedropjacki
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    I rinse them once & then boil them in the microwave for about 4 mins. Easy done. No fishy smell, no strange taste & they even have a better texture. I prefer the rice one they are great for making sushi with.
  • I haven't quite mastered the texture, but for the taste, instead of just rinsing them, try boiling them for 5 minutes and then rinse them. The taste is gone after boiling. (Then I dry fry for the texture but need to work on that a bit more.)
  • blah2989
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    I JUST made them for lunch. I opened them and Im with you guys on the "fish smell", but I boiled them, about 5 min -7 min. The texture is a bit chewy. Could be associated with over cooked calamari. But the noodles were very good. Not much flavor, so you need a flavorful sauce. I made my "low calorie " peanut sauce- which is just peanut butter, fresh orange/lemon/ or lime juice, chili flakes and water. They were good! Kids loved them too. The texture is different but doesnt phase me. I reccomend ppl try boiling them and try them for youselves, if you havent. Btw 8oz of noodles are 40 cal! Thanks for all the opinions/ prep advice :D