Crockpot Chicken FAIL

Oh man, I can file this under bonehead mistakes... picked up a half-chicken at the market since it was on mega-sale and decided to do some slow cookin... threw in the whole thing with some beans, tomatoes, taco seasoning, chilies, etc... Was really excited about the prospect of this delicious meal. I'm usually good at the whole cooking-chicken-in-the-crockpot thing, expect THIS one had BONES... lots and lots of bones. I didn't anticipate quite how tender it would get in the slow cooker and when it had been simmering for over 6 hours and my apartment smelled fantastic, I went to take the meat off and it Just. Fell. Apart. Like, dozens of small, oddly-shaped bones mixing into my yummy taco chili. I have a fairly iron stomach but even this was too much for me. I did my best to pick them out and tried to eat a bowl of it anyway, but when I picked something up with my spoon that looked vaguely like a baby alien hand, I had to stop.


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    Thanks for sharing, reminds me of my slow cooking disasters...
  • Pearlyladybug
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    i swear my crock pot is out to get me!

    I started this a while back some great fails check it out...feel free to add to it is you have pics
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    I only have had 1 epic crockpot fail. A few years ago I made chicken and dumplings, but had to work late unexpectedly, and then decided to do some shopping, and forgot that the crockpot had been on since like 7:00am. 12 hours later the chicken looked like the picture of someone else's burnt pork dish :( The worst part was that the handles broke off the crockpot and had to buy a new one. I gave that one away when I moved to a place with a much smaller kitchen and minimal storage... so no crockpot cooking for me til I move again.
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    Yeah, when you take anything out of the crockpot, you have to do it super gently, or it'll just fall apart. I usually use tongs, and then hold the underside of the meat with a big spoon. Actually, chicken with bones cooks really well in a crock. Another thing you can do, next time, is tie it up with kitchen twine, while it cooks. It will hold it together, and you can take off the ties when you take it out. I do this with pot roast, when I make it in the crock. Sorry your dinner fell apart!