94+ pounds and Counting

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I put together some new before and afters for an instagram post and to keep myself motivated. I've lost 94 pounds (I think I may have lost over 100 because I didnt weight myself until two weeks after I started but I digress...). It's hard to see my progress in the mirror, especially when I compare it to my idea of the ideal body, but my before and afters help me get some perspective.

My stats:

Age: 24
Height: 5'6
SW: 262 >
CW: 168
GW # 1: 165
GW # 2: 150

I started my journey over 2.5 years ago. It's getting a LOT harder to lose the weight now as I get smaller, but I know it's possible so I'm going to keep going no matter how long it takes. I wasted a lot of my younger years being overweight and obese and I'm never going to let it happen again.

On the left is me in January of 2011 in AC. The pictures from that trip tore me up and was my turning point in deciding to lose weight for the first time. On the right is me this past July on a trip to the Bahamas.


2011 vs. 2013

Old me: Always smiling but not really happy


New me: Taking back my life like a boss!!!


The best part about this journey is that I have helped my family and friends become healthier. I push my friends to their limit in the gym and I show my family that eating healthy doesnt have to mean eating like a bird.

I love my new lifestyle :) I owe it all to MFP.


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