securing the girls for exercise

Hello ladies. I have run into a bit of an issue with my new workout routine. (Warning... possible TMI ahead.)

I just started a new, very high impact, Zumba class and I can't for the life of me keep the girls from hitting me in the face when I'm bouncing all around! I've been wearing a sports bra and a fitness top with a built in bra over it.... but then I seem to just get one, large 'uni boob' bouncing around. And the sports bra is so tight to the point that it hurts but I just don't know what else to do. Right now I just hold myself in while we're jumping around in class, but I'd like to be able to actually do ALL the moves including the arms.

Other big busted lades -- do you have this problem and how the heck do you solve it?! Will I ever be able to do a proper jumping jack with out injuring myself?!


  • wizbeth1218
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    I so feel your pain. And 130 pounds later, I still have to strap down the girls to avoid 2 black eyes. :)

    Based on advice received on my own posting of almost the exact same question, I started doubling up on my bras for exercise. I wear my regular underwire super-supportive bra, and then on top of that I wear a high-impact, lots-of-support, sports bra. I didn't order one of the super-expensive sports bras that I found online; I just bought a couple of Champion bras at Sears (I think) and they have done fine.

    Best of luck to you and the jumping jacks. :)
  • TeaBea
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    Enell .............these are pricey, but get super reviews.

    I wouldn't know from actually experience ..... as they start at "C" cup. I like the Champion ones also (Kohl's) .....any bra though, make sure it's a snug fit.
  • baby_grl_martinez
    Probably TMI, but I am a 40DD. I wear a regular full coverage cup bra, lightly padded, with the straps tightened (within comfort) as secure as possible, then I wear a decent quality sports bra over, again as full coverage as possible. I would suggest buying a regular bra specifically for exercise purposes, that way you are not ruining your daily wear with perspiration.

    Hope this helps!
  • marinemom93
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    I just got the best, most supportive sports bras at Lane Bryant. I'm a 38 DD. They are currently onsale 2 get on free. Easy to find a coupon online for $25 off =-)
  • cass717shaye
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    I know just how you feel. I was a 34G (GG at my biggest....) Now I'm probably closer to a 32E or so, depending on the bra/brand.
    I haven't tried anything yet, but the sports bra uniboob thing is driving me crazy when I do for my walks or play DDR.
    Getting hit in the face isn't fun.
    I'm probably going to buy one from Victoria Secret, since I have a gift card from there, and they aren't as expensive as some of the other places I've looked.
    Hopefully its better then the cheap one I have now.
  • greeneyes0809
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    I just wear two sports bras and that seems to do the trick.
  • Inshape13
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    Totally jealous since mine went from DD to B....but I do remember those days and I used to wear a regular bra with a sports bra over it to hold them in place.
  • ElsaVonMarmalade
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    G cup runner here. Goddess, Freya, Enell. Look at for very comprehensive reviews. Yes, they are expensive, but they are high-quality and last a long time, and they make exercising much easier and more fun. I would love to be able to run to Target and buy a $10 sports bra but hey that's life. Also I love my boobs and want to treat them well :-D
  • CSGmom
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    I wear a supportive bra and two sports bras.
  • cass717shaye
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    I love Freya Bras. Never tried a sports bra though. I would go buy one of their sports bras in a second if I had the cash to spare at the moment
  • BIRD0
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    Panache. They have underwire and no uniboob, but most importantly lock down your boobs more than Guantanamo.
  • sarahmax0817
    I am sorry that I have no advice for this subject :( but my friend said she sometimes wears a regular bra and then a sports bra over it....idk if that helps?! I love this post though and had to laugh b/c it reminded me of my boot camp class just Monday night. My mom came for the first time and during the warm up was holding her bust and just cracked us all up when she yelled...."does anyone else have to do this?" She is pretty outgoing! and we had fun.
  • catfive1
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    My boobs were the first to go when I started weight training. :angry:
  • BeachIron
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    So this isn't about getting your daughters to work out with you? Um. Okay.
  • Nissi51
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    I used to wear a heavy duty support bra and a sports bra together. Then. I just had a breast reduction!! Way better solution in the long run :)
  • haunstar
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    okay, I am 100% addicted to zumba, and am large chested. I used to wear two sports bras, too. But a few months ago I got a proper bra fitting at nordstroms, and they carry sports bras that have underwire!(and that are big enough- triple D) It has made the BIGGEST difference for me!! A little expensive, but worth the investment. And way better than a black eye!!
    PS tonight I got to do Zumba on the BEACH, it was AWESOME!!!!
  • CWonder003
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    Look for a sports bra at They have really helpful detailed descriptions of every bra, and it tells you which are "extra high impact".... get one of those! I wear a 32DD and I like the brand "Moving Comfort" - it is high quality/decent price. The reviews all have the reviewer's bra size listed, so you know if it is working for people who are your size.

    Also, make sure you are wearing the right size! The band has to be snug to your rib cage, and the cups large enough to "cover and encapsulate" so you don't get as much bouncing.

    Good luck!