Wear EXTRA HOT & SWEATY clothes to lose more weight

R U Kidding me? I just got this ad on FB and had to go look. http://zaggora.com/us_en/how-it-works/

Supposedly, their clothes (with ketchy names like "Hot Pants") will heat you up when you get active and thereby supposedly make you burn more calories?

How is this different from the bright ideas folks had to wrap themselves in Saran Wrap or put on foil reflective blankets and sit in a sauna to lose weight? Is there some new piece of science out there that now supports this?

I don't know about the rest of you, but I look for the coolest clothes I can buy (e.g. heat gear by Under Armour) for when I work out. I sure as heck don't try to make myself HOTTER. Thoughts?


  • It will make you sweat more, thus losing more weight.

    Which will immediately be replaced by a glass of water.
  • Doberdawn
    Doberdawn Posts: 732 Member
    Exactly... and in the meantime, you'll be hot, sweaty and MISERABLE while working out. Good plan. LOL
  • Legs_McGee
    Legs_McGee Posts: 845 Member
    I'm wrapped in Saran Wrap right now, but that's just for fun.
  • daniellemm1
    daniellemm1 Posts: 465 Member
    It sounds terrible. I sweat buckets as it is I certainly don't want to wear anything that will make me sweat more. Sounds like some crap to get naïve people to spend their money on a "quick fix."
  • Doberdawn
    Doberdawn Posts: 732 Member
    I know what you mean. If I had the body for it, I'd wear underpants and a jogbra to work out... and NOTHING else. I definitely don't need to sweat more.