NSV - ran 5k!!

I started a c25k program in mid-January. I am a single mom and don't have a jogging stroller or babysitter, so my only time to work out has been on my lunch breaks at work. I have only had 20-25 minutes a day to run, but I take full advantage of my kid-free moments. :) It has been a slow journey for me. I can't say I have always worked out 3x + a week, but I have stuck with it. When I have weeks where I don't have the motivation, I don't let it stop me the next week. I just keep trying. It has taken me 8 months, but today I did something I never, ever thought I would be able to do -- I ran 3.5 miles without stopping!!! I did it in 46 minutes. Before this, the most I had ever run without any walking breaks was 2.5 miles.

When I first started running in January, it was a very, very slow jog (about 3.8 mph). I am now almost up to normal jogging speeds. :) Today, I did the 5k (3.1 miles) in 40:48. Today was just a practice run - my official race is October 27. I am so excited to improve my speed over the next 6 weeks. When I started running in January, the goal was to do the 5k in 45 minutes or less. A few months back, I revised the goal to be running the 5k in under 42 minutes - which I met today. :) My goal for October 27 is to run the 5k in 39 minutes or less. I'd really, really, really like to be at 36 minutes or less, but we'll see how it goes.

I am so proud of myself for sticking with this. I always tell myself that I can't fail if I refuse to give up - and it's true! I have set backs along the way, times when I fall off the wagon or give in to temptations, but I don't let those moments define who I am and who I am going to be. I just keep trying, and I slowly make progress. :)


  • Tctr
    Tctr Posts: 24 Member

    I started in April and could barely complete the 60s jog portions. Ended up repeating the first couple weeks quite a few times.

    Good luck on Oct 27th. Niagara Falls marathon?

    I signed up for my first run there too, if it is.
  • MyJourney1960
    MyJourney1960 Posts: 1,133 Member
  • committowalk
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    My race on the 27th is in Seattle. I'm not anywhere near Niagara Falls. :) But good luck to you!! It's nice to think I have a friend here who is also running a first race that day.
  • learnerdriver
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    awesome. I am still stop/starting so know how hard this has been!
  • chedges9090
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    I just ran my first 5k yesterday (The Color Run.. look it up on the internet.. they may have one in your area). It was a super fun race and my goal was to complete it with no stopping. I am a super slow runner.. but , running none the less.

    I also followed C25k--after reading many posts on MFP. I have taken 2 groups of ladies through the C25k process with me-- and am going to work with a 3rd group this fall. We meet 1x each week--and then the next 2 days of running they are on their own. After the first few weeks-- we call it a "meet and greet"--as everyone does it at their own pace. It is fun and we motivate each other.
    It is a commitment though, and while cross training is good-- 3days per week is really important.

    Congratulations on your accomplishments and meeting/exceeding your goals. You will have a great time in October !!!
    Look up Color Run.. super fun and relaxed atmosphere!
  • Marthaylo
    Marthaylo Posts: 21 Member
    That's awesome. I have been using c25k for 3 months and can't get passed week 2. I'm so ready to just run. Thanks for the motivation it's nice to hear someone else's story and know that eventually I will get there too.
  • All4Tris
    All4Tris Posts: 215 Member
    That's awesome! I completed my 1st 5k last week!!!
  • Slatzuk
    Slatzuk Posts: 80 Member
    Well done.

    Find your local Park Run (www.parkrun.com) for a weekly dose of fun 5k running.
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