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    Get some better advice than what folks are telling you here. potatoes don't belong in a diet plan.

    They belong in mine. When I buy a bag, I have at least one a day. I like them, a lot, and they provide some potassium and iron. Potatoes have never stopped me from losing weight.
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    Best potato salad ever:
    2-3 red potatoes cut or sliced
    Sprinkle salt n pepper and a clove of chopped garlic
    Roast at 425 degrees about 25 minutes until golden brown (this step is important)
    Put 'em into a bowl and add fresh cut dill, tbsp light omega mayo, chopped pickle (or cucumber) and a chopped shallot
    I serve this with green beans usually. It rocks!

    Stealing this for tonight!

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    My nutritionist didn't prohibit potatoes, she just explained to me that it decreases the speed of the weight loss. And by my experience, if I eat mashed potatoes, there is no weight loss the next morning (I weight daily), even if I put no butter in it, just milk and a little salt. I like mashed potatoes very much, that's why I asked her to explain, what the reason. She told me, that if I eat boiled in skin potato, it go to the stomach in bigger slices, so it takes some time to digest it, and the glucose increase is not so rapid, but when we eat mashed potatoes, it goes to the stomach just ready to be absorbed, so the glucose level is highrocketing.

    As my experience confirmed it, I believed it. Maybe you have different experience. If I eat potato once a week, I would also loose weight, but it would be less, if I woundn't. So I try to avoid potato.

    My mother is diabetic and it is not recommended to her eat potatoes. Sometimes she eats, and she is not overweight and in diabetic coma the next day, but if she would eat it everyday, I don't think it will be good for her.

    I think everybody can research the topic and make his own opinion. I just told what I know from the doctor, and my own experience and research only approved it.

    And why I always tell about boiled in skin potatoes, as she told me it is the most dietary way to cook it and it is not harmful for diet purposes to eat it this way. I find it not delicious.
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    Good or not during weight lost?
    Not the best nutrition per calorie - too much empty starch.

    Good for Vitamin C and a couple of other things http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/vegetables-and-vegetable-products/2546/2
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    If you like 'em then eat them.

    The whole GI thing fails to take into account the composition of the meal, the existing contents of the stomach, the fibre content of the meal, etc.

    Find out for yourself but I'd wager most people do just fine with a spud or two, mashed or not. ;)
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    LOVE THEM, white and sweet both. so yummy and filling. I have never stopped eatting potatoes and it has not slowed down my weight loss one bit.
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    I never stopped eating potatoes. It doesn't seem to have done me any harm.
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    the moral of this thread would be: if you follow a low carb or low GI diet then perhaps potato is not the food for you. However, if you don't, then eat away, keeping in mind though that when dripping with butter or oil and being topped with sour cream and cheese it is likely to contain a lot of calories.
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    bump potato salad sounds good
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    I have potatoes in one form or another, nearly every day - I just make sure to count them - and I'm doing alright!
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    It is not very good for dieting. It has high glycemic index, and our body uses our fat when we have middle level of glucose in the blood. So the potato at first increases it very highly, and then it drops back too quickly, so the phase when the fat is consumed is too short in time. The glicemic index of potato depends also on the way the potato was processed. If it is boiled with skin potato, it has less glycemic index than it is mashed potatoes. And it should be eaten before 4pm no matter what, if I want to loose weight. The nutritionist told me this information. So boiled in skin potato is ok, but who likes it...

    Tell your nutritionist to get a refund.

    While glycemic index *might* have an impact on blood sugar for diabetics for most people it is just not necessary to consider GI in dieting.

    And timing has absolutely no real impact on weight loss, if you consider overall daily calorie intake.
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    Here are some links for you if you're confused about the conflicting information. This one is about the limits of the glycemic index:


    This one is about insulin response since it's been brought into the discussion earlier on. Basically, protein also spikes insulin, not just carbs. It's discussing several studies and has references linked:


    This one is about the carbs at night myth. It also references several studies:


    I think most people make things too complicated. Set a reasonable calorie goal and macro targets, and hit those targets with consistency. Get some exercise. Figure out through trial and error which foods offer you the best satiety, eat your vegetables, and don't forget to factor in your mental health. There aren't bad foods, only bad overall diets.

    Here's a great place to get started setting your macros:
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    Weight loss isn't linear.
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    Good or not during weight lost?

    As long as you are in a calorie deficit it shouldn't matter (unless you have a medical need to limit carbs).