More Friends...pretty please!

I started this today! And I've been trying to recruit as many friends as I can because I stink at diets and your stories motivate me! Add me if you'd like to help! Thanks! You all are great!


  • darkrose20
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    Good to meet you. I' m Dee. Feel free to add me.:drinker:
  • bs240z
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    i am happy to help. feel free to add me.
  • hello and congrats on starting this today. I have been on it for a bit but I seem to not go on all the time as I have a hard time staying motivated so I am trying but since I have started I have lost 17 lbs so you can do it. It is hard work but the pay off is great. you can add me if you would like my name is Julie. Good luck and enjoy.
  • uvonne610
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    We can do this together!!!!!
  • Atarahjoy
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    Im in the same boat. But you asked and Id be glad to connect. Over the next year I need as much motivation to STAY on track. My issue is consistency. I know what to do and ive done it before just have to stay on track. So Feel free to add me too. :)
  • pari_06
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    Good luck. Feel free to add me
  • hi i am new to group and the concept of calorie counting... i would love be in touch with you all and perhaps we can inspire each to stay on track... :)

    a bit about me i am 32 in UAE work in a bank and need to get fit and make this a lifestyle change...
  • TanyaAJ
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    Feel free to add me!
  • Sure add me! :)
  • Request sent :)