breakfast ideas?

one of my changes is to have breakfast everyday. I skip it after my coffee. I do have cheerios and oatmeal. they are boring already.
what will be other healthy breakfast thats yummy.

(vegetarian and eggs)

Thanks for your ideas.
Take care


  • cheese omelette? you can add any veggies you like. when i have time in the morning, i will make a sandwich out of it and take it to go :)
  • cariorliz
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    egg muffins...the best on a you can add them with a multi grain muffin and some light cheese...
  • thepetiterunner
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    Hardboiled or microwaved egg + wheat toast or 1/2 bagel
    Greek yogurt + granola
    Greek yogurt + fresh fruit
    Hardboiled or microwaved egg + sliced tomato
    Oatmeal + fruit / nuts - so many variations
    Overnight oats - so many recipes you could find
    Mini omelette with veggies
    Roasted sweet potato with plain greek yogurt
    Whole wheat toast with sliced banana and peanut butter
  • Try a Greek yogurt cup with 1/8 cup of almonds mixed in. For fruit, try some cantaloupe on the side. That has been my favorite breakfast this week. :)
  • TeaBea
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    Cottage cheese & fruit

    Greek yogurt, fruit & bran cereal mixed ....nuts too if you've got the calories

    String cheese & scrambled egg in a mug

    Make ahead breakfast buritto..... tortillas can be higher fiber. The filling is baked in a pan & cut into portions
  • OkieDreamer
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    I have a Subway flatbread with egg white, ham, and cheese quite often. Or sometimes I will make 1 egg and 2 egg whites either fried (using Pam) or scrambled with things added to it. This with a dry piece of toast, a slice of bacon, and an orange is a nice breakfast. Sometimes I also make sweet potato hash browns for a nice flavored addition. Weight Watchers also has some good oatmeal in the frozen food section (oatmeal w/ apples and cinnamon or peaches is good). Just microwave and you're ready to eat. I'll either add a Little Cutie or cantaloupe with my breakfast (or for a mid morning snack). Hope this helps.
  • mareeee1234
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    Lately I've been having oats cooked with milk, served with a drizzling of honey, and frozen raspberries microwaved for 30 secs, and a spoonful of greek yoghurt!! OMG
  • toscarthearmada
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    I'm gluten free and low carb:

    1 egg 1 egg white w/ Chex cereal
    1 egg 1 egg white w/ Gluten Free bread and syrup for french toast
    Omelettes located with veggeis
  • try food?

    Don't feel like you have to limit yourself to traditional "breakfast foods", I personally enjoy a waldorf chicken salad (no mayo, just because I don't like it) often for breakfast.
  • hananah89
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    i make a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on a bagel thin often, which you could easily make vegetarian
  • jasmineruth
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    Bananas or apples with peanut butter. Whole grain toast with an egg. Granola with dark chocolate almond milk. The maaany variations one can do with oatmeal. Those are pretty much my breakfast go to foods. On the weekends I might make something more elaborate like an egg scramble with cheese and veggies, whole wheat or oatmeal pancakes etc. breakfast is the best.
  • SoDamnHungry
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    Peanut butter and banana sandwich!
  • dth256
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    I do a turkey sausage patty and yogurt once I get to work.
    I don't like/have time to eat while still at home.
  • krouse83
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    I make an egg every morning and put it in a low carb/ low cal wheat tortilla with anything else I want. Its fast, easy, and keeps me full for a few hours. Throw in veggies, cheese, literally anything you want.

    **Its also great because I can either eat it at home right away or take everything in seperate baggies/containers and put it together at work. Like today I did turkey, salsa jack cheese, egg in a tortilla but put it all together at work. Delicious!
  • KnickersInATwist
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    I do porridge made with water- then add a tablespoon of peanut butter and a teaspoon of jam- yummy!
  • egg muffins..spray muffin pan with cooking spray..... put whatever veggies next (bottom)...then mix some eggs with a little milk, spices....pour it in and top with cheese or not and bake for 20-25 minutes at 425 degrees, its low cal,fast and easy on the go
  • I make banana oat 2 ingredient breakfast cookies. Even my 8 year old loves them and if you add mix ins like nuts, dark chocolate chips or dried fruit they don't get boring.
  • FizikallyFit
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    I hear the morning is the best time to eat fruit, so a fruit salad and for protein you can add some nuts or grilled chicken breast or egg *egg white if counting calories and cholesterol*

    there are also a billion combination of fruit smoothies and you can add protein powder

    and last good old oats are a great way to start the day and the possibilities with oats are endless