When did people start to notice??



  • I've lost 16 pounds and the only person that's mentioned anything is my honey. He can't believe that no one else has said anything, because not only have I lost pounds, but definitely inches as well! And I'm developing muscles, which he's started noticing in the last couple of weeks. I'm only 5'3", so 16 pounds definitely makes a difference on someone my height, but not a single person other than him has commented on the loss. But as long as he's noticing the differences, I'm happy! And the fact that my clothes are now loose rather than tight makes me happy! And I'm starting to eye some of the shirts in my 13 year old daughter's closet, so she'd better watch out!!! :laugh:

    We are in the same boat!! I am only 5'2 so yeah this loss is big!! As long as our loves notice then that's what counts. I would love to borrow from my teenage daughters closets but one wears a size 0 and the other wears a size 5!! I don't think I will get that small lol.
  • I'll just bet people notice, but they don't say anything because they're jealous!
  • rsalty
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    I've gone from 30% bodyfat to 22% in about two months (by waist to height ratio) - it was when I hit 25% that a few people noticed, a lot more now that it's 22%. The changes didn't really hit my face until I was dropping below 25%.

    Weight loss during the time has been about 20 lbs, starting from around 200 to 205.
  • rswalls
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    I'm down 20 pounds and only my husband has noticed. I'm 5'5".
  • suppakana
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    I went from 200 (size 16 pants) down to ~170 (size 10/12 pants) before anybody really started pointing out to me "Hey have you lost weight?"

    But when it started, it was torrential - just EVERYBODY "Oh my gosh wow!"

    I still have ways to go, but it's those comments that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
  • Isakizza
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    I started getting comments about my weight loss after losing about 30 lbs.

  • dreamer12151
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    I've lost 15 lbs, and so far the only one who has said anything un-hinted has been my mum. Last weekend when I was over at her house & I took my run. I came back in & she was on the phone with her friend & said "Oh, Helen is back from her run. She's been counting her calories & running everyday..doing really good, lost a stone now and you can begin to see her hard work." So far, the only other comments I've gotten is when I come out in something & make the comment "I've not been able to fit in these unitl now!" or "I've lost X lbs tis week." then I'll get "oh, good." I even had a month off work and lost 8 pounds in that time, AND came back in in a pair of uniform pants I haven't been able to wear in over a year. Still...not a comment.

    Oh well, I'm not losing for them. I'm losing for me.
  • sugarkissprincess
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    I don't think mine was really noticeable until 40 pounds lost. Your face is first :) Congratulations on your loss!
  • jaimrlx
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    The first time around losing, it took 30ish pounds and nobody I knew around me had any idea. They knew I was working out, just didn't care or didn't notice any efforts.

    When I gained it all back though.. oh man, they knew, and I got sly comments every day about it.

    I'm down 22 lbs again and nobody's said a word. I guess in my case, they don't notice that I've lost until I've gained it all back.
  • hellokatee
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    I've lost 32 pounds, I'm over halfway to my first big goal, and people JUST started noticing! People that see me every day tend to notice the changes more slowly then people who haven't seen me for a few months. If I run into someone who hasn't seen me in a while that's when I get the "WOW, you've lost a lot of weight, haven't you?!" Just keep plugging along and eventually people will start to realize you look completely different! :wink:
  • louisegibbs85
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    I actually lost about 60lb before my nan noticed lol. What is strange is that I didn't even feel like I had lost much myself ... I lost another 3lbs and then suddenly there was a huge difference like I had morphed over night lol. I lost all my weight from my top half first so still had wide hips and was wearing my old tops so that's why I probably still looked bigger than what I was
  • CaeliGirl11
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    People at work started noticing probably right after about 25lbs...however, they first found out that I was training for a triathlon and then asked if I had lost weight...so I'm not sure if that prompted the "oh hey" moment or not. But now I'm down over 40 and only get a comment here or there...I am down like 3 sizes and only every once and a while I'll get someone to say something...funny thing is my friends who I see every couple of weeks haven't said anything...they do know I'm losing weight and know I'm training for stuff due to online contact but haven't said anything motivational or stuff...could be just because we've always known each other to be inward like that...I dunno...My hubby and mom definitely notice and give me lots of praise. However, I do this for me. I notice the change and I notice how much better I feel so that's what's keeping me going:) You're doing great too, though!! WTG on your loss and here's to much success in the future!!!
  • KayLasMack
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    At my heaviest, I was at 234lbs, which was about 7 years ago. People really didn't start to notice until I hit the 200lb mark. I lost 74lbs in about 8 months. I've gained 33lbs in 3 years and am trying to get back on track. My goal is to lose to 50lbs and I am down 3lbs since last week
  • Zelinna
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    Some people noticed early on (around 20 lbs lost), but I have had a lot more comments as I approach my goal. They all seem to think I lost the weight really quickly and are shocked when I say I have been working at it for over a year.

    I think people at work don't want to make comments for fear of sounding inappropriate.
  • jennybennypenny
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    I feel like when you lose weight gradually and people see you every day, they don't notice so much. I personally didn't notice until my clothes started being too big and I looked back at pictures. I remember mentioning to my friend that I had to buy a bunch of new clothes that weekend, and she was like, "What?!" I told her my pants didn't fit anymore and THEN she noticed, haha. "Holy crap, you HAVE lost a bunch of weight!"
  • DianneP6772
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    17 lbs - One person mentioned something! Now around 25 lbs -several have said something. A few days ago - the best one was a person that i don't see too often at the tennis courts and she saw me - came up to me and said -"I know you, who are you?". When i told her she said - "you look great - i didn't recognize you - you've lost so much weight"! Good inspiration to keep going!
    Hang in there - few more pounds and they will knock you over with their compliments! Great going.
  • kayemmgee5
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    You are going great!! My clothes are starting to do that too. I just bought some new jeans (size 14) and they are falling down lol. I have never experienced losing weight so dramatically so it's surprising. The other day my hubby said I looked "smaller" I will take that!! The kids (all teenagers) haven't said anything and neither have my co-workers.

    Thank you! :) Around your weight loss (for me) I was fixing pillows before bed one night wearing my same old shorts & tank outfit that I wear to bed always and my husband said "you're shrinking" that was really nice to hear! So keep going, you are doing wonderful and should be very proud of yourself!
  • Shari325
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    I gained 75# very quickly (in about 1 year). I had to lose that before people started commenting. People that had not seen me since before the gain, didn't notice a change until recently.
    Now, I am smaller than I have been in 23 years, so everyone notices.
  • bwogilvie
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    I started in January and lost about 18 lbs. between then and May 11, the last day of my semester (I'm a college teacher). I lost another 20 over the summer. Almost no one noticed my weight loss in the winter and spring, because they were around me all the time. But the people I didn't see over the summer noticed my loss in September, because they weren't exposed to the gradual loss.

    That's one reason progress pics are a good idea. I take them every 3-4 weeks. Put side by side, any 2 pictures show no perceptible difference, but take one from 3 months ago and the differences are obvious.
  • SezxyStef
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    People around me at work noticed when I bought new jeans that actually fit me...25lbs in.....

    Other here just lately..35lbs in but that being said I had seen them over the summer in a bathing suit they said nothing...jeans on it's like where is the rest of you...

    Now as for commenting..my son and nephew just comment this week..."wow you have lost a lot of weight mom / T (nephew calls me T)" and my own sister (she's 15 so pretty wrapped up in herself) didn't recognize me on the street as I was walking the other day as she drove by) she finally commented....