Can walking make a difference?? Help!

Ok this is not first time on a website like MFP or on MFP... I am pretty new to the concept of weight loss because I didn't really think about it until really the moment my 3yr old daughter said (grabbing my tummy while dressing) "Mommy do you have a baby?" and I said :" No I do not have a baby in there..." and she said "Mommy are you fat?" That about broke my heart! >>>Skip forward>>>>>

I am not really at a point where I can push myself yet physically. I think I am pretty weak both mentally and physically... and if I try to rush into any work out, running, jogging etc. I burn out quickly... Now that doesn't mean I won't continue to try it. Repetition leads to routine and I get that... My question is " Can walking.. say 30 minutes a day... help at all towards a goal." now If I do that I am not expecting amazing results within 3-6 months... and I know I will have to cut junk food, soda and a majority of my coffee... and cut off my fast food intake entirely... but will this do me any good?


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    Yes, it can and will.

    I started out walking 2 miles, so about 45 mins or so, in June. I'm now hiking 6 miles in forests and varied terrain :P
    I went from complete sedentary too. It definitely helped my physically. Plus, it allows me to eat more calories too.... so win-win.
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    My question is " Can walking.. say 30 minutes a day... help at all towards a goal."

    30 minutes is better than nothing - absolutely, yes, and a great starting point - but realistically, it's not enough to make a difference.

    Bump it to a solid hour a day - 3 miles a day - and then it'll start to add up to something meaningful.
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    Can walking.. say 30 minutes a day... help at all towards a goal." now If I do that I am not expecting amazing results within 3-6 months... and I know I will have to cut junk food, soda and a majority of my coffee... and cut off my fast food intake entirely... but will this do me any good?

    Honestly, people can lose weight without working out at all so 30 minutes to the cause, in my opinion is great.

    But why would you need to cut junk food, soda, coffee and fast food? Now if these are foods that you know you can't have moderately, I understand. I no longer buy 12 packs of soda because I will drink the whole thing in one sitting however if someone offers me a cup, I don't often turn it down.

    I think that you should learn to eat these foods in moderation to help you gain a better relationship with food. Plus cutting out things sometimes leads to binges, which doesn't help anything...
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    I think it's a great start. I started out hiking beautiful trails, which eventually led to me feeling the impulse to run. So I walked-jogged for a while (because I couldn't keep up for long) and now I run non-stop cross-country for miles and miles. You have to start somewhere. Even if all you ever do is walk, it's so good for you. It probably won't make a difference in weight loss unless you are also eating at a deficit, but it should really help with energy and stress and just overall health. :drinker:
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    Yes! After a summer of inactivity, I wanted to start exercising, but I had hurt my foot and there wasn't much I could do. I've been walking for about 50 minutes a day for the last month. I have noticed a difference in my endurance levels, and overall well being. I am also starting to notice some good shape changes more recently. It's a great way to get outside and feel better!
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    I started out walking because that was the ONLY thing my doctor wanted me to do. When I first started walking, I was out of breath and feeling it just walking around the block! When that started getting too comfortable, I added on a few more blocks. You'd be amazed at how quickly your body says, "More, more, more!"
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    Walking is a great exercise. Most of the weight I lost is through walking/hiking. You can build up the stamina to do other exercises like running later on if you just keep on the walk. Try to do 10k steps per day if you can. Even the little steps you do around the house counts so should not be too difficult.
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    Losing weight is about calories in and calories out. Focus on your diet. Adding any cardio will give calories to consume and will help your heart (and entire body). I lost my first 50 pounds just walking and counting calories. I've added in a lot heavier cardio and weight training now (along with yoga) to start toning and building more muscle. I really think the intital walking helped build up my cardivascular health to allow me to now do the heavier workouts.
  • I started out walking, and at first I could only go 10 minutes at a time. As I kept at it, I was able to walk more and I've even added biking and jogging to my days now. It's really been working for me so far.
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    It certainly does. I walk around 2 miles to work and do a lot of walking at work and sometimes will walk home as well. It's better than sitting around doing nothing.
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    Walking is terrific exercise...It is considered cardiovascular, so it IS good for your heart...You'll probably maintain with thirty minutes a day, but sixty minutes SHOULD help you lose...If you are sedentary, doing ANY exercise will help, and you'll feel better, too...

  • Most of my exercise has come from walking. I started at an hour a day, now vary from 1-2+ hours.

    Any walking you can do will be brilliant, and you can always build up from there. Good luck.
  • Oh yes, I've lost four stone (56lbs) in three years, mostly through walking. My diet hasn't changed very much at all.

    I do 2.5 miles every weekday lunchtime, come rain or shine, and about 15 to 20 miles over the weekend, if I am at home. And go on walking holidays too.

    It gets easier and easier the more you do it and 30 minutes a day will help, any exercise is better than none.

  • Starting out walking is great. Try to push yourself to see what your limits would be. Keep at that limit for a while and when you feel stronger mentally and physically try to beat the time and distance. Starting low with walking a few days a week it will help set a small goal and routine that you can stick to. You will be amazed at how you will start to try new things/more things after that. The hardest part is starting. Just put one foot in front of the other and start. As you know on MFP this is a great place to find people in the same situation and looking for or giving motivation. GL and if you want you can add me I try to log daily and have an open diary. (:
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    Yes. In February, I started out walking a couple miles, works my way up in speed and distance. These days, I jog 3.5 miles 3-4 days a week and jog with some very minimal walking 6.5 miles at least one day on the weekends. I try to do another day on the weekends, but ultimately I listen to my body to tell me if I need to rest.

    I suggest picking a route, and then keep doing it, working on speed.

    Also, go to a running store and get fit for good shoes (even if your using them for walking.) They will fit you in the right pair for you. Expect to have to do some walking while there. They will want to watch you walk and check your gait and foot strike. They may cost a bit more, but it makes all the difference.
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    Yes! I did that in January and February. I didn't completely cut out fast food bc that's all that I ate. I only walked, never ran. I started walking on 1/12 and my last weigh-in around that time was on 2/27. So, in those 47 days, I lost 12 pounds and walked 89 miles.

    On 1/14, I weighed in at 230
    on 1/27, 225
    2/2 - 222
    2/27 - 218

    I also was able to wear a pair of size 14 dress pants that had been sitting in my closet, never worn, for years. I normally wear an 18! Forget the weight loss. THAT was the most exciting thing for me!!!

    And, even if you don't lose as much weight as you're expecting, your body could still use the exercise, so if you can find the time, do it. Good luck! :smile:
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    Yes, it's a great start. Once you get accustomed to it, you will be able to up your speed and distance gradually and maybe that walk will turn into a jog or a run or maybe it will just give you enough stamina to consider other forms of exercise.

    Anything is better than nothing at all hon.

    Same goes for your food....make changes slowly if you feel it's more likely to make you stick to it. Cut portions down a spoonful at a time, change high fat stuff for similar lower fat options...'light' versions or swapping frying for grilling or steaming.

    This is how I did things and before I knew it, I actually stopped craving for the high fat stuff. Not all of it. I'd still commit murder for a Big Mac and fries now and then but generally, I have lost the taste for fat.

    Perfect example (and I KNOW how much this will gross some people out) I used to absolutely love what I called a 'pig fat curry'. I wasn't even trying to kid myself it was healthy, hence the name. It basically consisted of 1lb of the fattiest belly pork I could find, fried in garlic butter, smothered in curry sauce and plonked on top of about three quarters of a pound of white rice. Add a whole bottle of wine and I was in my element!

    A couple of weeks back, I was having a scheduled 'treat meal'. We were away on holiday, had behaved all week and decided on one night out, at a restaurant, with 'no holds barred'. My starter consisted of belly pork and black pudding, cooked French style and served beautifully. Quantity-wise, there was a piece of belly pork about 3 cubic cm's and a slice of black pudding the size of a silver dollar. I cut the pork into two bites, that's how little there was and although that first bite was truly devine and set my mouth literally running, the second bite was a little 'claggy', just a tad too greasy and oily.

    So there you go. Have been on this journey for five months, lost 41lbs and have gone from gorging down a pound (!!!!) of fat to barely being able to cope with an ounce (if that!)

    Your stamina will change with exercise and your taste will change with food....just take baby steps and they'll soon turn to strides. Good luck xx

    Edited: OH MY GOD. Just calorie counted my pig fat curry meal....3,200 calories......more than two days food for me now!!!:embarassed:
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    Yes! Walking is one of my favorite easy workouts. I get a chance to get outside, catch some vitamin D and clear my head. It's the cheapest workout around. Just put some comfortable tennis shoes on and go!
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    Walking is a great way to start an exercise routine. My husband has had great success walking 4 or 5 mornings a week. However, if you're looking for weight loss, changing your diet will have a bigger impact than your physical activity. You don't have to cut things out completely, unless you feel that you need to do so in order to avoid temptation. Just track your food and make sure you're eating a calorie deficit and you'll lose weight.
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    I mostly walk for exercise still. I walk 3-5 miles a day (without counting the random steps I take during the day). Watching what you eat is still the most important, but even 30 minutes a day will burn 100 calories or something.