Looking for more friends.

I want to add to my support group. Maybe some people with similar goals. I would like to lose 60-80 total (hopefully 50 by September 2014), but that final goal point depends on how I look and feel, short term I would like to lose 10-15 by New Years.
Looking for some friends (not drill sergeants or parents no offence meant but I am not looking to be talked down to) that want support and will give it back, and to exchange work out tips and healthy meal ideas.


  • AmandaLloyd712
    AmandaLloyd712 Posts: 18 Member
    I'm in the same boat! My wedding is next July and i'm looking to lose anywhere from 60-80 lbs before hand. Tough task.. but fingers crossed I can knock some weight off before then!

    Feel free to add me! :)
    JADEPH0EN1X Posts: 162 Member
    Hi there I have similar goals . I have about 55 lbs to lose and a mini goal of 15 lbs by my birthday on 9th december . I've been on mfp since August & have lost 8kgs since then . I don't criticise but support & log every day . Any one feel free to add me for mutual support .
  • rswalls
    rswalls Posts: 157 Member
    Feel free to add me - I log everything, every day, including chips and pizza :-)
  • CoRockChick77
    CoRockChick77 Posts: 39 Member
    You can add me. I have similar goals and I'm on here everyday!