30ds - Side lunges and push ups



  • deedzzz
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    Don't feel bad about the pushups! It is my third round of 30DS and i did Ripped in 30 3 times, and pushups are my weakness!
    Do the modified version, try and do a couple of the normal ones from time to time. You will build up to! I can do 5 real pushups in a row... no way i can do real ones the whole time like Nathalie - she's a beast!
    and regarding the side lunges, lower the weight, instead of using both dumbbells, just use one which you hold with both hands!
    Good luck :)
  • apf2013
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    I would go with lighter weights. I started w 1 lb, then on level 2 and 3 I increased to 3lb weights.

    i just started the program again w 5 lb weights. I am very surprised how much i have improved from day 1. Don't give up. Just try your best.

    Good luck.
  • plynn54
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    Ive finished 30ds once, and have randomly done it here and there, now on day 5 of doing the whole thing again. I still can not do real push ups, still on the knees. The side lunges, I started with 2.5 wrist weights and now use those with 5lbs weights so 7.5 lbs and its easy now at first the 2.5 lbs were too much lol. It will get easier
  • sdkyne
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    Great thread and great advice. Im doing 30ds for the first time and am on Level 1 day 9. I'm doing modified all the way thru all the levels with no shame! Then I'll go back and do 30ds again to turn up the volume. I switch from holding two weights to one for some of the strength moves during the first round and then back to two as well.
  • S3r3knitty
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    I think that's a bit heavy for straight arm lifts. Can you use some cans of soup or filled water bottles instead?
    I was thinking about that already but I don't have anything I could use instead but I will try what deedz suggested, to hold one with both hands .

    Thanks again for all the great suggestion. It's comforting to hear that it's not only me
  • SoDamnHungry
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    I actually find level 2 to be easier than level 1. The cardio is a little more intense, but the strength isn't as difficult. Never wait until you can do it perfectly to move up a level. I've done levels 1 and 2, looked amazing after them, and still have trouble with those stupid side lunges.
  • evilangelwings
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    I am on day 6 of the shred and have exactly the same issue. Up until I year ago I did kickboxing one on one for 4 years, and even by the time I'd stopped, I still could not do a full, proper push up. So, I wouldn't worry about it.
    If you can do all the other moves Natalie style, you're obviously getting fitter. Even though I can't do lunges or push ups at the standard of the workout, I plan on moving upto level 2 just because everything else seems too easy for me now and I have to push myself. Maybe you could work on the push ups or lunges outside of the video?
  • slimandfab13
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    We are the same! It feels like my arms are going to give up any moment during the side lunges with arm lifts. And I'm also doing push ups anita-style. Hopefully our arms get stronger as we progress. We can do it! :D
  • Giraffe33991
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    I started with 30DS years ago and was barely able to keep up with Natalie but did the best I could., By the end of that 1st month, it was way easier. Now going back to 30DS every now and then it is just so easy. So I add more weight.

    Bottom line, do your best and adjust up or down when you need to. Just remember to challenge youself and don't be too easy on yourself. After all, it is ONLY 20 minutes long!