Pumpkin Butter!

Anyone else LOVE Trader Joe's Pumpkin butter? I do :)

I am looking for some other creative ways to use it. I usually add it to vanilla greek yogurt with some sunflower seeds, add it to oatmeal and obviously spread on wheat toast.

Any other good ways to use this deliciousness?


  • ktpod1
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    I like to spread it on waffles instead of syrup.
  • jamiem1102
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    That sounds awesome! Mmm... pumpkin - i also have to try their cookie butter. *adds pumpkin butter to list of things to buy*
  • thefewsteps
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    sounds delicious! too bad there's no TJ around me. I found this on their website though:
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  • Alliwan
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    havent tried Trader Joe's but i make my own every fall. We use in on pancakes, waffles, toast or bagels with cream cheese then the pumpkin butter. We use it on vanilla ice cream as a dessert. Baked with cheese, in a yogurt, with some peanut butter on a sandwich, etc

    many uses, depends on how much you love pumpkin i guess :)
  • TeriLynnSpano
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    Will one of you lovely Americans please arrange for Trader Joes to open over here in Australia? I am always so jealous of the things I hear about from them!
  • BalmyD
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    i make my own every fall.

    Would you be willing to share your recipe??
  • I make my own pumpkin butter as well (recipe: http://thebaguettediet.wordpress.com/2013/09/27/homemade-pumpkin-butter-easy-healthy-pumpkin-recipe/) and love it on EVERYTHING!

    - On biscuits, toast, or crackers
    - Spread on apples or pears like peanut butter
    - Mixed with yogurt or oatmeal
    - As a topping for angel food cake, pancakes, or waffles as others mentioned
    Or by the spoonful...
  • litoria
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    I'm in Australia too, and until reading this I had never even heard of pumpkin butter. But I have now. And now I'm going to be obsessed with it until I make some and eat it :)
    Man, I love pumpkin
  • gromithere
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    Pretty excited that I just found pumpkin butter at Target! I may be a little too easily excited.
  • Mygsds
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    I'm always the strange one here, but it is wonderful mixed in with your oatmeal and another dash of cinnamon... Drool
  • Mygsds
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    Try this...... Used it twice before..

  • 347Gigi
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    It's really great on Ozery cranberry, orange morning rounds!
  • gromithere
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    I eat the kind they sell at tourist trap gas station such as Bucee's here in texas.

    They're labeled differently to make it look like they are unique to that place, but it's the same stuff.

    Good stuff though.
  • gromithere
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    Not necessarily a low calorie use for it, but while looking up recipe ideas I just came across the idea of heating the pumpkin butter and drizzling it over pumpkin ice cream. I can't wait for fall!
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    I'll be checking Target in the next few weeks.