10k to 13.1

Alright guys... I need some advice from some experienced runners or anyone willing to share their advice. This past weekend, I ran my first 5k ever, as you can see in my profile pic, it was a color run... it felt great, and i loved it... I completed one of my goals and it felt AMAZING!

Now, for some back story, I've been running since about April. I completed the c25k program in July --- and finished the 10k trainer in late August. So I can run about an hour and come to about 6 miles. This made the 5k seem like a cake walk. But I haven't ventured out any further. I was planning on starting a 13.1 trainer next week.

So my small city/town is doing a haunted 13.1 in about 22 days.... and my question is, should I try it? This half marathon is literally less than a mile where I live and I want to do it so bad. I'm just not sure my body is ready. I know I'm truly the only one who knows if my body can handle it, but has anyone done this before? Going from a 10k to a half in about a months time?

I know if I do this, a lot of walking will be involved, I'm not going to kill myself to try and place high. I could careless if I'm dead last. But I was just wondering if I should do this, or wait? Completing a marathon is my all-time life goal. So I figured this will help me with my experience and so on....

Thank you for reading, and let me know what you think please...


  • timeasterday
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    I say go for it! If you can do 10K you can do a half with some walking breaks.

    But start a half marathon training program now.
  • 3dogsrunning
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    I can't really answer that. I have no idea of your fitness level or anything. I will add this -
    I ran a half marathon that I was not prepared for. I mean, I trained, but I didn't get all my distance runs in. I had done halfs in the past. It was a pretty miserable experience. I did walk a huge portion of it and it was still downright terrible. I don't recommended it.
    I've had bad half marathons since, ones that I learned from and that i feel were at least an experience but that one wasn't the kind of experience that I would ever want again or recommend.
    Can you do it? Probably.
    Will you enjoy it? Maybe but probably not.
    And there is a good chance you'll hurt yourself.

    You could always aim for next year's race.
  • How often and how many miles per week are you running?

    The rule of thumb is not to increase your mileage more than 10% per week. Since you can already do 6 try 7, then 8, then 9 etc. 22 days seems pretty soon to go from a 10k to a half marathon. I'm coming back from an injury and right now I run 3-3.5 miles 4 times a week. I wanted to be able to run 10 miles once a week by the end of this month but a trusted friend of mine (who runs, bikes swims etc) advised me that goal was too aggressive and following the 10% rule I should shoot for the end of October instead.

    I ran a half in 2009 and I trained for it. I did a 16 week training program and I was 100% prepared for it and had my husband not suffered an injury (plantar fasciitis) that caused us to run slower I would have finished the race at least 10 minutes faster. The point is that for a race like that you DO need to train a bit for it. Like I said mine was a 16 week training program. I don't think I would have been able to do it in a month.

    I'm not saying not to go for it. Just don't be disappointed if you don't make the full 13.1 running. But hey, if that happens then you have a goal to shoot for next time.
  • jmcowan42
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    I'm running about 6 miles 3 days a week. Mainly on MWF or Tues, thurs, sat....

    I know I would be walking a lot. The race is in 3.5 weeks... So I could up my runs to about 9 miles if I add one mile per week

    I haven't encountered injuries so far. When I first started I was dumb and ran everyday, and that led to shin splints. But those haven't been a problem since.

    There is another half on Nov 9....I know that would be more time to train up to 13 miles.
  • RunWinterGarden
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    It's be a stretch, but you could definitely do it, make sure to up your long runs NOW though, instead of going 1 extra mile a week do 2 extra this week and then 2 extra the next.

    Also, for the first half you need to focus on having fun and not worry about your time!
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    Go for it! If you're okay with walking some portion of it, you should be fine.
  • wolfgate
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    Just want to finish? Know you'll incorporate walking as part of your strategy and also know pride won't make you run more? Sure, you can do it.

    Then, why not go back and work on racing the 5k better? Then in 9 months take another run at the half, with training focused on running it well. That could be a good high level running strategy that can deepen your running roots and provide a lot of satisfying accomplishments.
  • jmcowan42
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    The race starts at 8 and closes at 11:30... So that gives me 3 and a half hours to finish... I could careless if i'm dead last with a 3:25 time...

    Finishing and taking care of myself will be my only goal of the race.
  • ash8184
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    YES, do it! Even if you run the first 8 miles and walk the last 5, you need to start somewhere. And with the adrenaline and people cheering you on, I bet you can do better than you think you can. Go for it! Your first one isn't about your time, it's about finishing :)
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    I've heard that-- "if you can run a 10k, you can run a half" before...having ran 13 miles several times in training, I can honestly say that I could NOT have turned my 6 miles into 13 without several months of training. That being said, I'm picky--I have to know that I will be able to finish a race with minimal walking; otherwise I won't sign up for it. Also, some Half-Marathon courses have a pace that you must maintain--the one I'm in next week says that you may walk, but you have to maintain a 16-minute/mile pace. Sorry to be all Negative Nancy; I may have a different opinion after next week. It all depends on your fitness (endurance) level and what results you're expecting. Either way, if you do it, I hope you have a great time!!
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    I would not do it. That's too big of a jump in too short of a time. You're setting yourself up for a bad experience. Work on increasing your mileage and save the half marathon for another time when you're ready.
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    Just Do It!!!!
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    The man who's running the couch to 5k programme that I'm doing only began running this yea, in January, and he completed a mountain marathon during the Summer. I think he must have been quite fit already but he said that he started the couch to 5k for fun and didn't expect anything to come of it, but now he's running marathons and teaching beginners to do the 5k!

    You can only try, and if it works out, excellent, but if you feel it too much of a strain, well you lost nothing by trying, and you'll know you can work towards it and complete the next one.

    You've done amazingly well so far, and if I even get to where you're at, I'll be incredibly proud of myself, so well done!
  • One of the pitfalls of beginning is the impatience to increase which normally leads to injury. That said, I think you can do the half but the percentages say its going to deride your long term goals. Your already acknowledge your impatient mistake of running too much and getting shin splints.

    I'd forget the half as you really only have 2 weeks to the race as the last week should be a taper.

    I'd set some long time goals:
    Keep base building until you get to 25 miles per week.
    Then start training for the half marathon.
    Then the marathon.
  • 3dogsrunning
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    The race starts at 8 and closes at 11:30... So that gives me 3 and a half hours to finish... I could careless if i'm dead last with a 3:25 time...

    Finishing and taking care of myself will be my only goal of the race.

    It sounds like you already made up your mind.
  • I just started running in June. Therefore, I pretty much know nothing, except for what I've done.

    My longest runs went from 6.5 to 12.5 in the course of 8 weeks, where I wasn't doing one run more than 5m before that per week. I'm doing one more 13 miler before my first Half in 17 days. Going up the ladder in mileage seemed easy until I got to 10.

    If you have three weeks to train, you're going to have to do some serious progression.

    I can understand the enthusiasm though.
  • ThickMcRunFast
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    3 weeks is a little short. You could probably do it, if you don't care about your time, but it also probably will not be the most pleasant of experiences. The best idea would be to forget this one and find another in a few months time, lest you turn yourself off from half marathons forever. The jump from 6 to 13 miles is no joke.

    However, if you reeeeaaaaaalllllly want to do it, and you have 3 weeks, I would maybe try to run 8 miles on your long run this week, 10 the week after, then rest up the week before the race. Go super slow, walk when you need to, and take care of yourself.