My night was better than yours

kyleekay10 Posts: 1,812 Member
The title says it all, and below explains why. BOOM. Steve-O.



Have you all met anyone famous before?


  • Jonesie86
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    Awesome!! I've only met Captain Phil Harris (RIP) from The Deadliest Catch.. lol. Super cool girly :happy:
  • So incredibly jealous!
  • JenAndSome
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    Wow!. That's really coo, but I would be terrified to touch that guy without a hazmat suit. I'm sure he's really nice, but he has done some really, really gross stuff.
  • AprilSchulte10
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    I have a picture of me with Hal Sparks! I dont know how to post photos on here though! :(
  • All the guys in Straight no Chaser. <3 them!
  • brianfmatthews
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    Paul Pierce.
  • _HeartsOnFire_
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    Hope you have your tetanus shot?! Hehe.
  • HA! Famous people post pictures when they meet ME! LOL!
  • _HeartsOnFire_
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    I have a picture of me with Hal Sparks! I dont know how to post photos on here though! :(

    [ img ]website that has photo[ /img ] <---no spaces
  • AprilSchulte10
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    This will have to do for now. hahaha
  • zyxst
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    Yes, see avatar. Conventions are great places.
  • RuleFive
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    You can't beat the dream I had about kyleekay10 last night.
  • fbmandy55
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    I'd be checking those lovely locks for crabs.
  • rml_16
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    I interviewed Jessica Simpson.

    I think there are others, but I can't remember. My cousin has been BFFs with George Stephanopolous (sp?) since they were kids. I'm about two degrees of separation from pretty much anyone you can think of, but I haven't actually met that many. lol
  • judyde
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    I can't see the picture - who is it?
  • james6998
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    Gregg Ernst Canadian Strong man and a very good friend of mine. Competed in the World Strong Man competitions.
  • leaaa92
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    Omg Steve-O!:love: You lucky gal! lol

    I met Magic Johnson at a gas station snack shop.:smile:
  • arghbowl
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    Jon Jones. Grew up with the guy. He's honestly NOT as douchey as he comes off as being during interviews.
  • rml_16
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    Oh I totally forgot I know Katie Cazorla. She's moderately famous. If anyone saw the TVGuide show Nail Files, that's her. Her boyfriend/fiance is a big shot in the music industry, but she's not a clsoe friend or anything, so I never met him. Katie was a year behind me in high school.
  • Lemongrab1
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    I ate a piece of chocolate mud cake.
    So there! :grumble: