How to find 5k's?

So other than where else can I look for 5k or similar walk/jogs?


  • baldzach
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    Try the website for your local running shoe store.
  • auroranflash
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    Once you like one on Facebook, others tend to pop up too. Just be careful with, they like to sign you up for their premium membership without permission. They'll charge you $50suddenly which takes 3 days to return to your card. They're very quick about returning it (at least in my case) and customer service is apologetic but it's still kind of shady.
  • farniente8
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    I'm on LivingSocial and Groupon and they actually have runs in my area on their sites about once every two months. Often they are listed for between $15 and $20 dollars.
  • RunsOnEspresso
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    There are probably local race organizers. In my area there are several that don't appear on active. Running the USA is a great resource. Or even just google 5K and your city. Local running stores usually have flyers for up coming races. Once you know who puts on the race you can find their website and all the races they put on.
  • MMarvelous
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    Some running shoe stores like Fleet Feet, Runners World or local stores in your area. If you know a popular place where many runners go ask a few. They won't think it's weird and will gladly tell you. Grocery store and church bulletin boards may give you few races.
  • exmsde
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    Our local Y runs a series of 5Ks. Not sure if others do, but you could check their website.
  • QuincyChick
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  • has a search bar at the top where you can search by your location for events.
  • spearfox
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    Some others:
    For whatever reason race organizers don't always advertise everywhere even when they are trying to get more runners and donations to a cause.
  • triskaidekaphile13
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    I run parkrun most Saturdays. It's a free timed 5K and runs in various countries around the world on a Saturday morning at 9am. The website is and they are run by volunteers. If there isn't one near you then parkrun are happy to help you start one. There's usually around 275 people running at my local one every week.
  • twinmom_112002
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    Race place has all of the southern california
  • Slatzuk
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    +1 for ParkRun.

    Great organisation.
  • mitchiejo
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    I type in the name of my city and runs in Google. It will show you some websites. I don't run them anymore because of my knees but I have been volunteering to work at them this year.
  • kt2007
    kt2007 Posts: 315 Member heres a local group for you. Take a look at it and hope it helps you out. Also pic a few races you like the ideal of and Google them. Color Runs, Glow in the dark run, Turkey Trot, Zombie runs, than check with your local shoe store.
  • Ronda73
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    If there are local running clubs in your area they might put some on. I just did one last weekend that a local club did. There is another club about 30 miles away that I just noticed puts some on as well.
    And like others have said contact the local running stores.