Hello there, new guy Danny here!

Hi there everybody,

Please to meet you all!

So I've just joined up and thought I should introduce myself. I'm Danny, and I guess this would be my latest effort to get back in shape. I always seem to be just that bit away from where I want to be, but I hope I'm gonna be where I wanna be shape wise in about 6 weeks. I've signed up for a big run in a few weeks, plus I've been keeping an eye on my calories thanks to this place (which is mad, never knew the calorie contents of some of the things I ate were so high ; I'm looking at you delicious pork ribs!!), plus my new healthy broccoli soup recipe is actually delicious! yeah I know, who thought Broccoli could be nice? Certainly not me! Anyway, Just popped into say hi! :-)


  • Pleased to meet you, Danny. I'm Mike. Welcome to MFP! Feel free to add me.
  • Hey! Welcome to mfp. As u now know this site is great for tracking ur food and exercise. Its also great to get the support from some of the people here. Feel free to add me if u like and good luck in getting fit and ur upcoming run. :happy:
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    Love ur pic:)
    Broccoli soup is very good but I would go for the pork ribs!
    Feel free to add me as a friend:)
  • Wishing you great success with your loss and fitness goals! Feel free to add!!!! Happy 2 support!
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    Welcome Danny.....pork ribs so delieghtful smoked for about 4-5 hrs....y u m m y. Be glad to help support you in your journey. Feel free to FR me as with anyone else wanting extra support.
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    welcome and good luck on your journey.
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    Hi Danny, feel free to add me
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    Welcome to MFP Danny! Feel free to add if you'd like =)