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Anyone try paleo diet

I am trying out the paleo diet. I am already gluten free so that is easy. I was mostly vegetarian but I have added some chicken and fish for protein now. Now the cutting out of cheese, peanut butter and rice is the difficult part for me. I also don't like red meat so that cuts out a lot of paleo recipes. So far, pretty good though. Did a ground turkey mexican salad (no cheese or chips) with some lovely yummy guacamole. Thanks to google, I found some lovely recipes. Anyone have success...any suggestions?


  • dbparra
    dbparra Posts: 21
    I love this site:
    They send interesting articles and recipes every day.
    I also bought the recipe books and have tried several of the recipes. I like that the recipes have a low number of different ingredients and are pretty simple to follow.
  • Dbernier1981
    Dbernier1981 Posts: 39 Member
    Awesome...thanks. I will definitely check it out
  • mmipanda
    mmipanda Posts: 351 Member
    there are some paleo/primal groups on here that might be worth joining. Otherwise you'll be met with the 'food is not good or bad..... calories in/calories out are all that matters' brigade.

    I've done a pretty halfassed paleo for the last two months and I love it. I say halfassed because there has been a lot of alcohol and non-paleo foods snuck in there like potatoes, greek yoghurt and legumes. If I'm craving bread, I'll go buy some delicious bread and have a slice or two.

    Its up to you how strict you want it to be. There are real obsessive blogs out there. You don't have to believe everything they write!
  • shannashannabobana
    shannashannabobana Posts: 625 Member
    Thanks to google, I found some lovely recipes. Anyone have success...any suggestions?
    I like for recipes. If nothing else, you'll find a lot of good veggie recipes, oddly enough :)

    I do more primal (so paleo + cheese, potatoes, sometimes rice)
  • jennaworksout
    jennaworksout Posts: 1,739 Member
    I have been paleo since October it, took some time to adjust and ALOT of preparing and cooking, but feel so much better , weight loss is a bonus, I have also got back to regular sleeping , no more wide awake nights, acne gone, and energy levels much better to list a few perks :wink:
  • khannickwechanged
    khannickwechanged Posts: 77 Member
    I've been doing lots and lots of research on paleo/primal, but I haven't actually committed to it yet. It sounds very appealing to me though.
  • W15t5v1
    W15t5v1 Posts: 4 Member
    I am lactose and fructose intollerant as well as being type 2 dyabetic so the Paleo diet is my last attempt to lose weight and get a little healthier. I was a little concerned about the extra cost with being on a pension but came accross this video which also has a complete recipe book. Can anyone tell me if this is the real deal or should I forget it.
  • StacyReneO
    StacyReneO Posts: 317 Member
    My boyfriend and I started eating paleo in May and we really like it. I though the hardest part would be rice, beans and cheese but those were actually the easiest. There have been a couple of times when cheese, other dairy, beans or grain has snuck it's way into my food (like eating out) and I really regret it later - stomach pain, bloating, gas...things. I didn't even equate to those foods before i am realizing were really messing with my digestive system.

    I would think doing it as a vegetarian would be difficult because you do have to cut out pasta, beans, grains (yes, even quinoa) and those were staples of my diet when I was a vegetarian.
  • toholio
    toholio Posts: 46 Member
    I eat pretty close to paleo mostly because it's an easy way to avoid the things I binge on (bread, pasta, rice). I could avoid those things without being so close to paleo but it's nice just typing "paleo recipes" into Google and knowing all the results will be fine.

    I still eat cheese or other dairy once or twice a week with no problems. Rice seems is ok for me too so sometimes I'll buy sushi (but mostly I stick to sahimi). Lots of bread or pasta makes me feel a bit bloated but it doesn't ruin me like it does for some people.
  • mosseho
    I am eating Paleo for few months now and I feel great! Also sleeping better, which was my major problem... I did put together a website about Paleo and have some recipes there also, check it out: